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Are Platform Tents Your Ideal Glamping Choice? Glitzcamp Reveals!

Exterior decoration of the extreme safari tent

I. Introduction: Exploring Revolutionary Platform Tents for Glamping

Platform Tents:  the New Era of Glamping,Luxury Camping Redefined

In the seaside, in the grass, in the forest, under the earth color platform tents, bathing in the sun during the day, playing games, reading, cooking around the stove in the evening, lighting warm yellow lights after night chat with friends and relatives. At the best of nature's showgrounds, good food, exquisite appliances, and friendly companions create a comfortable and cozy camping experience.

As if overnight, camping has become one of the most popular projects for couples dating, parent-child travel, and friends gathering. Even if you have not experienced it, you must have paid attention to it in other forms: friend dynamics on social media, tweets from lifestyle self-media, hot search lists on major mainstream network platforms, marketing on offline shopping malls or e-commerce platforms.

Camping is like a wave of wind, and those who are not involved in it may be unable to keep the inner question: What kind of experience is camping? What kind of person likes camping? What is the reason why they like camping? What makes camping so fast?

This exquisite camping is not "camping". The simplest explanation for camping as a short outdoor lifestyle is perhaps to bring a tent and spend a few days outside of the city.

In some people's eyes, camping is a tough, rugged experience, backpacking, wilderness exploration, physical exertion, climate change, complex environment and a series of factors make the journey challenging. But the popular camping method is more known as Glamping, which is a more comfortable, elegant, high level of appearance of the holiday camping way.

Glamping is a combination of "Glamorous" and "Camping", also known as wild luxury camping, style camping, etc.

The word 'Glamping' first appeared in the UK in 2005 and was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016. Although the term is less than 20 years old, it represents a way of life that can be traced back to 16th century European aristocratic outings and 20th century African hunts by wealthy Europeans, bringing luxury tents, folding bathtubs, generators, champagne and other items to enjoy the comforts of home while seeking nature and adventure.

platform tents

Ⅱ. Platform Tents: Pioneering the Future of Eco-Friendly Glamping

The world today is facing increasingly serious environmental problems, such as climate change, ecosystem destruction and resource depletion, which makes green and eco-design a key trend that is closely watched by all walks of life around the world.

Finding innovative solutions to reduce adverse impacts on the planet and build a more sustainable future has become an urgent need. Against this backdrop, platform tents showed unique potential to become a high-profile eco-friendly accommodation option.

Platform tents is not only a form of accommodation, but also a revolutionary solution for eco-design. Its unique design concept and sustainable characteristics make it have a wide range of applications in various ecological environments. The construction process of Platform tents involves very little ecological footprint and maximizes the protection of the natural environment surrounding the project site.

In this time of challenges and opportunities, platform tents represents not only simply a means of accommodation, but also our responsibility to the planet. In fact, we can also pave the way for a more sustainable future and do our part to protect the environment.

Ⅲ. Eco-Design in Glamping: Integrating Sustainable Solutions with Platform Tents

Ecological design emphasizes the protection and restoration of ecosystems to ensure the coordination of human activities with the natural environment. The core principles of eco-design encompass a set of green concepts designed to minimize adverse environmental impacts and promote sustainable development.

1/ Sustainable building materials and high plastic design

Combining platform tents with these ecological principles is a move in keeping with The Times. Platform tents uses sustainable materials, reduces energy consumption, and minimizes disturbance to the ecosystem. 

Platform tents materials use high plasticity to meet the implementation strategy of low maintenance, low cost and art empowerment. Combine height difference, function and plant landscaping to create landscape space and visual experience with unique scene memory. Platform tents are usually built on temporary foundations and do not require a permanent foundation, which means they can be easily moved to different locations, reducing the permanent impact on the land.

2/ Multi-functional landscape space

Landscape space combined with architectural function, make full use of architectural gray space, expand outdoor functional space. Platform tents connects art stage, shared platform and outdoor theater to form a rich and interesting public space system, creating more outdoor activity space for people.

The strong adaptability of Platform Tents is one of the embodiment of ecological design principles. Their adaptability makes them suitable for a variety of environments, whether beaches, ridges, forests or lakeside. This flexibility allows people to experience the beauty of nature without causing long-term damage to the natural environment. Platform tents typically don't require large-scale land development or infrastructure, so they can better preserve the integrity of the original ecosystem.

platform tents,
2 person glamping tent

Ⅳ. Conclusion: Embracing Eco-Innovation with Platform Tents in Glamping

In the modern urban space, individual life is restricted, sensibility is suppressed, and pressure from all sides makes people from time to time give birth to the adventure impulse to break through the cage of modernization. However, the two characteristics of "deviation" and "aesthetic" of ecotourism just provide a way of short-term escape, so that people can temporarily leave the daily life controlled by rational principles and turn to the pleasure of emotional experience. 

Imagine a patchwork of plant groups complementing the artistic framework of platform tents, revealing the beauty and three-dimensional sense of space. Find a quiet space to create a natural forest space, to meet the rest, play, exchange, enjoy the gift of nature. Between the form and aesthetics, it creates a spatial artistic conception of blending design and nature.

Platform tents is a compelling eco-friendly option that not only offers a unique accommodation experience, but also contributes to the goals of sustainability and ecological conservation. Glitzcamp look forward to seeing the widespread application of this innovative solution in future eco-design projects to jointly create a better environment and future.

2 person glamping tent

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