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Platform Tents: A Great Fusion Of Ecology And Design

Dome Tent in the Winter


In modern tourism, camping is no longer simply an outdoor activity, but has evolved into a luxury experience. Among them, platform tents, as a top accommodation option for glamping, is leading the trend. Tent architecture fully demonstrates the concept of hidden luxury, integrates architecture into nature, and exists only as a part of nature itself, allowing people who have lived in downtown for a long time to walk out of the hustle and bustle, into the green mountains and streams, and return to life itself.

Platform Tents in Landscape Design

Natural Integration Creates Space Convenience

Platform tents are integrated into the landscape, and the priority is to ensure that they are in harmony with the surrounding natural environment. The choice of colors and materials that match the local vegetation and topography, the use of wooden structures, and the use of natural colors can make the platform tents look like it is a part of the natural growth there, hiding the building. 

This integration helps to maintain the sense of harmony of the landscape and improve the accessibility and convenience of the site.

Glamping Camp can’t be built in a day, but is crafted brick by brick, wall by wall, flower by grass. Landscape design, in the same way, must be maintained, cared for and nurtured. When you look at the magnificent scenery in front of you, you see time itself. You can see the growth and maintenance of the camp from year to year, as well as the changes of the seasons. Unlike the architectural field, which relies on rare or expensive materials to express luxury, tent camps can quickly reflect the luxury of time. Platform tents combine landscape design concept to establish a grander time system, laying a good foundation for glamping camp landscape generation growth and continuous maturity.

geodesic dome platform

Customization Provides Spatial Applicability

The platform tents design can be highly customized to suit the requirements of different landscapes. In mountainous areas, sloping roof designs can be used to adapt to steep terrain. In the forest, large areas of Windows can be added to enjoy the natural beauty. In the beach area, you can choose the color and texture of the platform tents to blend in with the sand.

In the past experience, the wider the site, the more need to tailor, cut out the space, cut out the life, cut out the poetic-like situation, which is also the designer’s skill. Therefore, after repeated careful discretion in terms of the use of platform tents, spatial scale and the emotional experience that space endows people, there is this half fireworks and half poetry.

Landscape Elements

Incorporating landscape elements into the tent design enhances its connection to the surrounding environment. Make flexible adjustments to users’ needs to help relieve stress throughout the day. A garden, green space or deck can be added around the tent so guests can relax outdoors and enjoy the view. At the same time, the adoption of environmentally friendly landscape design elements, such as low-maintenance vegetation and rainwater harvesting systems, contributes to increased sustainability. The architectural glass reflects the distant mountains and the tall trees, and natural light floods every corner of the room through the floor-to-ceiling Windows, warming the body and mind of the visitors who rest in the winter forest.

Planting a series of healing plants around platform tents, with numerous functions and bright colors that attract insects, these natural plant ingredients respond to food safety issues in today’s world and can be used for cooking. In addition, aromatic plants can be used to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Event Space

The versatility of the platform tent makes it an ideal venue for a variety of outdoor activities. Designing alfresco seating, campfire areas or outdoor cooking facilities around tents can give guests more options for activities and enrich their holiday experience.

According to the needs of people of all ages, the function richness of the activity venue will be increased, and seats, leisure and fitness facilities will be set up in the venue to create more squares and activity Spaces. Ensure safety while maximizing spatial applicability. Promote community communication and enhance the participation of the venue.

The Application of Platform Tents in Glamping

La-la Land covers nearly 3 hectares on the edge of a Hungarian village, with only the occasional sound of birdsong interrupting the idyllic tranquility. The camp is equipped with comprehensive service area, accommodation area, wild luxury tent area, forest barbecue area, forest children’s expansion area, horse farm, outdoor recreation area, campfire camp area, etc., each area is scattered and hidden in the forest, providing urban residents with an excellent leisure resort.

geodesic dome flooring installation

The interior of platform tents is divided into several areas. Based on the shape design of the dome and special technology, the whole house is warm in winter and cool in summer, the indoor acoustics are also brighter, and you can even feel the echo of the sound, combined with the incident light, to create a dreamlike sense of space. The client is not pursuing a cold building, but can bring warmth to the users, bring diverse life to nature, an environment with temperature.

The interior design concept stems from comfort. Comfort is the lifestyle advocated by the owners of La-la Land, which deduces the charm of extreme comfort in nature. From the user’s point of view, the design creates a comfortable and poetic living environment, while introducing the outdoor environment into the interior. Whether it is the four-season window scenery, warm wood, or interesting decorations, it reflects the perfect integration of natural environment and poetic life, expressing the simple design concept of reverence for nature and respect for the site. The abandoned sleepers are reborn in the space, trying to express the metaphor of time and the balance of space decoration.

The Wonderland platform tents delves into the ideas of coexistence and symbiosis, further blurring the lines between the man-made and natural worlds. This unique design not only reflects respect for the environment in concept, but also brings significant personality and results to the project in practice.

By carefully integrating the building with the surrounding natural landscape, an impressive harmonious ecological living experience is created, highlighting the strong pursuit of ecological sustainability. This unique feature not only highlights the green concept of the project in concept, but also polish the unique charm of being close to nature in the holiday experience. This perfect blend makes the program suitable for all types of travelers, whether they are seeking peace or socializing. The Wonderland project has succeeded in creating a resort that is symbiotic with nature, providing holidaymakers with a colorful and unforgettable experience.


Today’s high-end landscape design is not the green shop full of even if it is finished, it can only be said that greening. People are more willing to see after the wind and rain, natural succession after the burst of new green seedlings; The mechanism of sunlight reflecting on ore at different angles; Just like the grandeur of mankind building civilization on a new planet, and the wonderful expression of all the residents moving between the future and the present.

The design concept of platform tents seeks a combination of simplicity and luxury, emphasizing the feeling brought by the place, without deliberately creating a space that violates the natural environment. See the summer mountains of wildflowers, but also look to see the sunset in the evening, the guard is the northern forest of rustic mountain scenery, experience is the spring flowers autumn month, summer cool wind winter snow artistic conception, this is the best way to live with nature, enjoy the life of a stop.

Platform Tents beside the River

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