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What Sets Pet-friendly Hotels Apart in Glamping?

A Puppy on a Camping Trip

Glamping Hotel Revolution: Embracing Pet-Friendly Travel | Glitzcamp


This’ Christmas’ shopping season, pet lover Tony has scoured up some of the glamping hotel deals that offer pet-friendly accommodation. After 5 years of pet rearing, Tony has already regarded his pet cat as one of the family members, almost every vacation to take it with him. However, because there are not many pet-friendly hotels on the market, Tony has had to give up some hotels or B&Bs that he had liked. With the hotel industry trying to attract customers and pet lovers facing restrictions on taking their pets on vacation, is the cake of pet-friendly hotels really good? How big is the market?

The unstoppable pet economy

According to statistics, 90% of pet owners keep pets for emotional motives such as adding interest, decompressing, and relieving loneliness, and the role of pets has long been transformed into friends and family members with accompanying functions, and even 20% of pet owners regard pets as children to carry out parent-child rearing.

As pets become important members of more and more families, there is a growing demand for pet-friendly travel options among pet owners. Pet-friendly glamping hotel gently touched the hearts of consumers, they have said that “can be so kind to animals of the hotel will be able to provide customers with more sincere service”, pet-friendly glamping hotel with this meticulous action to earn enough attention. By consolidating the marketing of its “pet-friendly” concept, the hotel has expanded its visibility, while also bringing attention to the growing pet economy in the lodging industry. However, there are still limited travel options on the market that can meet this demand.

Glamping hotel development opportunities and challenges

Development opportunity

Cute pets, as a firm company that never abandon them, have long become an indispensable part of the life of pet owners, penetrating into all aspects of life and living. In order to comply with the development needs and trends of this huge group of pet owners, various brands of hotels and apartments have frequently launched pet friendly programs in recent years to attract customers with pets to stay and spend.

Pet owners are often more inclined to return to places that cater to their needs and those of their pets, and are happy to share these pet-friendly glamping hotels on pet exchange forums.


First of all, pets may disturb the guests in the next or nearby rooms. Some dogs will bark in strange places. Second, pets in the room excretion, there will be odor or pollution. Third, pets in the room will lose hair and so on, if the cleaning is not clean, the next guest may have allergies. Fourth, pets may carry fleas, parasites, or other possible pathogenic factors, some guests hold to sleep on the bed and so on, the hotel is also very troublesome to deal with pet rooms.

A pet-friendly hotel employee who has worked for more than 10 years said that accepting pets means glamping hotels may encounter some unexpected situations at any time and need to “put out a fire” in time. On the other hand, pets are also an important bond of emotional connection between people. Many strange pet lovers have gradually become friends because of pet acquaintances, which is difficult to get an experience in general hotels.

Pet Friendly Glamping Tent Campgrounds

How does glamping hotel offer pet-friendly services?

Glamping Hotels and resorts already in operation or not yet built, how can they increase or pre-deploy their pet-friendly services to ensure that they can provide high-quality and sustainable pet-friendly services to people with pets?

1. Pet supplies are essential

Providing pet supplies for pets in the pet room is the basic of pet friendly services, such as pet beds/mini tents, pet bowls, pee pads, pet wipes, snacks, toys, etc., and make appropriate adjustments according to the different types of pets, such as cat toilets, cat scratching boards, etc. The hotel can also appropriately prepare more personalized products for pets to increase the appeal of pet services, including pet grooming, daily care and professional care, to ensure that pet owners can enjoy the holiday at ease.

2. Health commitments are more reassuring

After checking out of the pet room, the pet room should be sterilized and cleaned. In addition, the linen in the pet room should also be committed to separate and special cleaning and disinfection. Some professional cleaning measures for the pet room will make hotel guests feel trust and rest assured about the hotel’s health condition.

3. Specially improved or designed room facilities

More independent pet room Settings

The setting and planning of the pet room should be relatively independent from other room areas to reduce the disturbance of pets to other residents.

Pet themed tent room

Glamping hotel offers pet-themed rooms with an exclusive outdoor courtyard. The bathroom in the rooms is larger than other rooms. The beds in the rooms are specially raised to prevent pets from affecting the owners’ rest. And according to the theme of different rooms customized bed, pillow, carpet, door plate and other peripheral.

4. Create a pet playground

Divide or plan a relatively independent pet public activity area in the hotel, which can not only create a carefree paradise for pets, but also do not affect the activities of other non-pet residents in the area, at the same time, in the restaurant and other public areas, it is also necessary to plan an area that allows pet owners to eat with their pets, so that the poop officer and the child can spend a good time together in the hotel.

C15 Lite Safari Tent
Tent Terrace Relaxation Area

Pet-friendly Glamping Hotels by Glitzcamp


In the current prevalence of “it economy”, the accommodation industry has ushered in another new wind, bringing new development opportunities, but the pet business is still a human business in the final analysis, in order to grasp the hot spot of the pet economy, or to fit the mind of pet owners, from the perspective of getting along with pets, travel to take care of the common needs of people and pets, in order to truly grasp the profit password of “it economy”. Gain from expanding new market segments.

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