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What’s the Combination of Ecology & Aesthetics? Luxury Glamping Tent!

luxury glamping tent

Luxury Glamping Tent: Uniting Ecology and Aesthetics


When it comes to the popular choice of the wild luxury world, glamping must have a name, more and more young people and high-quality people will choose a luxury glamping tent unique travel experience, many big-name activities have also been held in luxury glamping tent. At the landscape level, glamping residential environment is advocated to provide a variety of accommodation space according to local conditions, pay attention to the unobstructed site, the balance of stay, and ensure the smooth drainage of infrastructure rainwater. 

Glamping hotels are booming and have gone viral on social media, attracting thousands of hotel fans to the resort. Among the many glamping resorts, how do you make a difference? How to plan the differentiated operation content and maximize the advantages of the land is the focus of research.

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Luxury glamping tent design concept

  1. Unique appearance design

The exterior design of Luxury glamping tent is inspired by the beauty of nature and the geometry of the universe. The triangular shape of the tent is like a perfect geometry, and its smooth straight lines are designed to mimic the celestial bodies and mountains in nature. This unique look not only adds an artistic feel to the tents, but also allows them to coexist harmoniously with a variety of different environments and landscapes.

The rugged landscape completely different from the city, the exotic luxury glamping tent, the unique wild luxury experience, all feel back to nature, make people extra relaxed, leaving precious and beautiful memories.

  1. Robustness and stability of the structure

The Luxury glamping tent features robust materials and advanced structural design to ensure its stability and safety in all weather conditions. The stable structure of the tent not only has excellent wind resistance, but also effectively disperses rain and keeps the interior dry.

  1. Sustainability

Due to the control of construction funds, glamping resorts operators are faced with another difficult problem. How to design without moving the earth as much as possible, follow the terrain, and ensure the continuity of the site and organic integration of space. The choice of materials for Luxury glamping tent and the construction process have taken into account the environmental impact.

The Luxury glamping tent’s large Windows and observation deck offer magnificent views and encourage people to appreciate and respect the natural beauty. In the vast wilderness, while looking up at the stars, enjoy the exquisite decoration of luxury glamping tent, especially unforgettable and dreamy, taking photos is also full of advanced feeling. This sustainable form of travel not only allows people to enjoy the beauty of nature, but also helps protect the environment.

  1. Embrace nature

Glitzcamp wanted users to be able to enjoy different views of the destination at any time, and this caused a paradox: it needed a universal design that could adapt to a variety of environments while embracing the uniqueness of the unknown destination. In order to provide 360 degree views from the luxury glamping tent in any setting, the huge entrance is designed so that no functional volume appears above the waist. 

Some of the furniture that inevitably protrudes into the upper part of the tent is made of mesh or transparent materials, or reduced in size. In order to avoid the formation of too much contrast in the tent shell, we have retained the color and texture of the tarpaulin field as much as possible, and only made few changes, such as waterproof treatment.

Luxury glamping tent Experience

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A larger living room will give a more luxurious feel. Putting up the tarp can form a spacious outdoor living room where people can blend in with their surroundings wherever they go. On rainy days, the large bedroom can replace the living room. Since the original structure of these tents was very simple, we upgraded them during the design process to give them better insulation and other features.

The original tent-style room is spacious and comfortable, with air conditioning and bright Windows, an oversized bed, a desk and a large toilet. Such comfortable facilities and arrangements make it possible for users to close the door and have the luxury experience of the big city although they are in the original outdoors! Advanced bathroom equipment and dream tent, and best of all, pet friendly can bring your beloved pets! In addition to the extreme comfort in the tent, the hot spring is also a strong selling point, and you are not afraid to go in winter!

The luxury glamping tent offers a comfortable living experience through sensible spatial planning and high quality interior decoration. Everything from indoor temperature control to the full range of indoor facilities has been carefully considered to provide luxury and comfort to the guests. In addition to contact with nature, people can also maintain a proper distance between people, and children can also run and jump more space.

Luxury tent with lights
Lightweight Glamping Tent


With a wide range of luxury camping accommodations to choose from, including luxury tents and elegant safari-style lodges, GLITZCAMP‘s many options are sure to be right for you when you embrace the great outdoors. Explore the mixed types of landscape combined with the attributes of the underlying accommodation facilities to make infrastructure works that become landscape extensions or man-made landscapes that act as infrastructure. We hope to use the green nature to let everyone put everything down to zero here, so that the spirit and body can relax and recharge.

After the silence of January, the light cold of February, the flowers of March, and the hair of April, during this period, the city repeatedly pressed the pause button because of the epidemic, and we missed the bright and lively spring scenery, and there was some regret in my heart. Fortunately, all our waiting, in the warm sunshine of early summer, luxury glamping tent garden gave us the answer and answer.

We want to offer a more satisfying lifestyle than traditional homes, and you can choose your style of luxury glamping tent in each route of glamping resort, without having to stick to a particular location. Luxury glamping tent is meant to reflect the interesting collision between infrastructure, industry, art and geology… The difficult balance between man and nature.

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