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How Glitzcamp’s Glass Dome Tents Enhance Glamping in Arxan Mountain

glass dome

Geographic and Weather Conditions of Arxan Mountain Area

Arxan Mountain is located in the east of Inner Mongolia and it is famous for its volcano physiognomy landscape. This campsite belongs to cold temperate continental monsoon climate, so the temperature is low all year round and the snow-ice weather is frequent in this area. According to the geographic and weather conditions, Glitzcamp specially chooses the glass dome tent for Arexan Mountain area. This is because the geodesic tent with tempered glass performs better in resisting extremely cold weather.

Structures and Features of a 6m Glass Dome Tent

Cooling & Heating System

Arxan Mountain has a large temperature difference between day and night, so our glass geodesic tents are equipped with cooling & heating system to keep an appropriate and comfortable temperature inside all the time.

Glass Dome

Platform of glass dome house

Glitzcamp specially designed platform for Arxan mountain area, visitors could enjoy relaxing leisure time on it when the weather is fine.

Electric-drive triangle windows

Triangle windows of geodesic tents are electric, so they are opened and closed automatically by remote control. Besides that, the windows are made of reflective glass, so people outside hardly can see anything inside.

Hanging curtains are available for privacy

To protect tourists’ privacy, the interior is hanged curtains all around. However, there are no curtains at the top of the glass dome house, so visitors won’t miss the beautiful starry night sky.

Complete living facilities

Though the inner space is only 28.26sqm, it has complete and perfect living facilities such as the bedroom with 2m comfortable bed, bathroom, and etc.

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