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20+ Glamping Ideas to Elevate Outdoor Glamping Adventure

safari tent


You can totally get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and revel in the experience of you and your friend lying in bed, gazing at the twinkling stars overhead, wrapped in soft pillows and luxurious fabrics.

This idyllic scene may conjure up images of upscale 5-star hotels or lavish nature resorts, but you can actually create this experience at your own campsite with this article and a good camping tent.

If you're looking for delightful ways to enhance your safari glamping adventure, then why wait?

Put on some comfy sunwear and prepare yourself a glass of juice. It's time to enjoy a touch of luxury and embark on a whimsical journey!

This post is tailor-made for individuals seeking

  1. The hidden meaning & history of glamping
  2. What are the joys and benefits of glamping?
  3. How to glamp in style at an actual campsite?
  4. The most camping-inspired furniture accessories

The hidden meaning & history of glamping

Hidden meaning

Glamping is a portmanteau of "glamorous" and "camping", enter the enchanting world of glamping, a delightful fusion of glamour and camping.

This contemporary phenomenon brings together the best of both worlds, combining the convenience and luxury of modern amenities with the allure of outdoor escapades.

Embraced by 21st-century adventurers, glamping caters to those who crave the perfect balance between modern comforts and the thrill of outdoor exploration.

Unlike traditional camping, glamping offers an array of resort-style services and facilities that redefine the camping experience.

Experience the wonders of glamping in a myriad of accommodations, ranging from cozy cabins and whimsical treehouses to elegant safari tents, all while staying connected with Wi-Fi and immersing yourself in the ultimate blend of relaxation and adventure.


The word "glamping" first appeared in the United Kingdom in 2005 and was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016. The word is new, but the concept implied by "glamping" is luxurious tent living (or staying at another campsite.

In the 16th century, the Earl of Atholl in Scotland prepared a luxury experience in the Highlands for visiting King James V and his mother. The Duke erected luxurious tents filled with all the supplies from his own palace.

safari tent

What are the joys and benefits of glamping?

Luxury camping offers many fun and benefits that are different from traditional camping.

Here are some of the key reasons why luxury camping is so popular.

  • Comfort

From cozy beds and luxurious linens to spacious accommodations and stylish décor, luxury camping ensures that you enjoy a comfortable and pampering experience.

  • Unique accommodations

Luxury camping allows you to stay in extraordinary and unique accommodations such as safari tents, tree houses, geodesic domes and more.

These unique structures add an element of novelty and create lasting memories.

  • Connection to nature

You can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy breathtaking views while enjoying amenities such as electricity and running water.

  • Suitable for everyone

Deluxe camping is suitable for all kinds of people, including those who may be inexperienced campers or those who don't want to spend time in the wilderness.

  • Relaxation and rejuvenation

The combination of peaceful nature and comfortable luxury camping accommodation creates the ideal environment for relaxation and rejuvenation.

How to glamp in style at an actual campsite?

Glamping at an actual campsite can be a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors with style and comfort.

Here are 20+ ways to elevate your camping experience and glamp in style.

1. choose your perfect camping tent

For a stylish and comfortable glamping experience at an actual campsite, a top-notch tent is a must-have.

While wall tents are commonly used for large events, canvas luxury tents are preferred for most campsite or backyard glamping setups.

These tents advantages

Easy and convenient setup, affordability, and versatility for various events like festival camping.

The luxury camping tent that most people recommend is the Safari extreme elite, which has a Flysheet footprint of 66.5sqm; the Inner tent footprint of 46.2sqm,so that is perfect for large family gatherings or holiday bonding with good friends.

And do not forget! When choosing a luxury safari tent, it's crucial to consider the appropriate size that accommodates the number of people and available space at your campground.

Other great tents for glamping are

2. A comfortable bed

Begin by selecting a comfortable mattress that provides the perfect balance of support and softness, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

Layer it with sumptuously soft bedding, such as high thread count sheets, silky duvets...

From plush down pillows to memory foam options, choose the ones that cater to your personal preferences, ensuring a heavenly rest each night.

Embellish the bed with decorative pillows and elegant pillow shams, adding a touch of sophistication and style.

3. A cozy and inviting lounge area

Choose comfortable seating: such as lazy susans, bean bag chairs or recliners, look for materials that are soft to the touch and offer plenty of support.

Match cushions and pillows: add a range of plush cushions and pillows, mixing boho with textures and colors to create a tasteful arrangement.

4. Charming lights

  • String lights:

choose warm white or soft colored lights as more subdued.

  • Fairy lights:

wrap them around tree branches, tent poles or weave them into the fabric of the shelter.

  • Solar Lights:

consider using solar lighting options to reduce energy consumption.

  • Candlelight:

flameless LED candles or place them in glass jars for safety

  • DIY light fixtures:

You can make your own light fixtures using Mason jars, wine bottles, or other recycled materials.

  • Reflective surfaces:

by incorporating reflective surfaces such as mirrors or metal accents, these surfaces will enhance the glow and create a mesmerizing effect.

5. Decorate dining space

Set up a charming dining space with a beautiful tablecloth, elegant tableware, and decorative centerpieces.

6. Privacy and elegance

  • Sheer fabrics:

choose sheer curtains or drapes made of delicate fabrics such as chiffon, bari or lace.

Install curtain rods or hanging devices

  • Hang sheer curtains:

drape them over the bed or around the sleeping area for a canopy-like effect.

  • Secure curtains:

use small hooks, clothespins or clips to secure curtains in place.

  • Ties or fixtures:

 this will create an open, airy feel during the day.

  • Decorative elements:

 add elements such as ribbons, garlands or fairy lights for added beauty

safari tent

7. A nice portable hammock

Enhance your leisurely lounging and relaxation during your glamping adventure by bringing along a portable hammock.

A hammock offers a perfect spot to unwind, sway gently, and enjoy the surrounding nature.

8.  A practical dressing area

  • Dresser/Mirror Lighting:

Install a battery-operated or rechargeable LED dresser light or illuminated portable dresser mirror to ensure plenty of light.

  • Organize essentials:

 Use stylish storage solutions such as small baskets or travel toiletry bags.

9. Cozy reading nook

Create a cozy reading nook with a comfortable chair, a stack of books, and a soft blanket.

10. Decorative rugs

Enhance the comfort of your campsite by adding decorative rugs or carpeting.

Choose the right material: polypropylene or outdoor-specific fabrics, for example. These materials are easy to clean and can withstand outdoor conditions.

Layer different textures: Combine braided jute, soft faux fur, or outdoor rugs with your favorite pattern to create a vibrant and welcoming space.

Consider size and placement.

11. A stylish bar

Make a splash with your choice of portable carts or bar tables, enjoy your favorite beverages and make delicious cocktails at the scenic campsite.

12. Flowers

  • Herbaceous aromas:

Place lavender, rosemary or mint in small pots or pouches for a DIY naturally scented item.

  • Flowers:

Choose flowers that are in season and varieties that can withstand outdoor conditions. 

  • Garlands:

use fresh or artificial flowers to create garlands to hang around the edges of shelters, around dining areas, or as decorations for seating areas.

13. Sophisticated atmosphere

The addition of a hanging chandelier or elegant light fixture will create a stunning focal point and a sophisticated atmosphere for your meal; remember to choose a fixture that complements the overall aesthetic of the dining area.

14. Portable fire pit

Bring a portable fire pit for cozy campfire gatherings and marshmallow roasting.

glamping tent

15. Movie night under the stars

Set up a projector and outdoor screen to turn your campsite into a charming outdoor movie theater.

Don't forget to pull out the prepared portable containers or coolers of popcorn and drinks to add to the authentic movie theater experience.

16. A spa-like experience

  • Aromatherapy Candles:

Choose candles with soothing scents such as lavender, eucalyptus or chamomile to create a calming atmosphere.

  • Essential oils:

Add a few drops of your favorite oil (such as lavender, bergamot or ylang ylang) to a diffuser or a small dish of water placed near your seating or relaxation area.

  • Relaxing Music:

Play soft, soothing music to enhance the spa-like atmosphere.

17. Nature-inspired sounds

  • Portable audio:

if you just want to Glamping ideas for tent for the sake of Glamping ideas for tent, you can rent equipment online or at a friend's house.

Consider features like Bluetooth connectivity, waterproof or rugged construction, and long battery life for ease of use.

  • Music selection:

include relaxing melodies, upbeat tracks or nature-inspired sounds to match the vibe you want.

18. A charming outdoor kitchen

You can prepare the following items--gas stove or grill, stylish cookware, gourmet ingredients, preparation and serving surfaces, utensils and tools, food storage

19. Make your memories touchable

Add an element of excitement and capture fun memories by setting up a DIY photo booth area.

Encourage your guests to pose and express their creativity and then have fun!

The photo booth will turn memories, laughter, into physical objects that can be taken away.

20. Mirrors or artwork

  • Mirrors:

choose mirrors with ornate frames, unique shapes or interesting designs. You can also use mirrors with intricate details or vintage-style frames.

  • Artwork:

choose pieces that evoke a sense of serenity, nature or sophistication. Landscapes, abstract art or nature-style prints are all good.

  • Complementary decor:

Add elements such as wall sconces, small potted plants or decorative objects to further enhance the appeal.

21. Pampering bathing

Don't forget your daily bath treatments at a safari tent campsite too!

  • Bath bombs:

 Preferably those that release soothing aromas and moisturizers to leave your skin feeling soft and nourished.

  • Bubble Bath:

 Create a blissful and relaxing atmosphere by adding a richly scented bubble bath solution to your bathtub.

  • Body scrubs:

Scrubs with natural ingredients such as sugar, salt or coffee grounds will leave skin healthier.

  • Moisturizing Lotion or Oil:

After showering, pamper your skin with a moisturizing lotion or oil to lock in moisture.

22. Telescopic stargazing kit

  • Telescopes:

reflecting telescopes, refracting telescopes, or compound telescopes (such as Schmidt-Cassegrain) are popular choices for astronomy enthusiasts.

  • Eyepieces:

Eyepieces determine the magnification and field of view, allowing you to observe celestial objects at different levels of detail.

  • Star finders:

These smaller, lower magnification telescopes help with alignment and accuracy during stargazing.

  • Star charts or mobile apps:

Get star charts or use stargazing mobile apps to help identify constellations and other celestial objects.

  • Red LED flashlight:

 Red light has less impact on your ability to see faint objects in the dark than white light.

glamping tent

The most camping-inspired furniture accessories

  • Folding chairs:

Chairs made of sturdy materials like aluminum or steel with padded seats for added comfort.

  • Portable Tables:

Portable camping tables are versatile accessories that provide a convenient surface for dining, cooking or playing games.

  • Camp kitchen organizer:

It is a compact storage unit designed to keep your cookware, utensils and ingredients neatly organized.

  • Camp Stools:

Camp stools are compact, lightweight seating options, and they're perfect for impromptu gatherings around the campfire or short breaks during a hike.

  • Hammocks:

Some hammocks even come with built-in bug nets and rain curtains for extra protection.

  • Marching beds:

Camping beds or folding marching beds: they provide a sturdy, comfortable off-the-ground sleeping surface and can be easily packed for transportation.

  • Camp lockers:

Camp lockers are compact and lightweight and provide extra storage space for clothing, gear and supplies.

  • Inflatable couches:

They are perfect for creating a cozy sitting area outside your tent or relaxing under the stars.


Sometimes we do need some unique camping ideas for tent, and I'm sure that going through this article can help you tremendously with your glamping experience!

And don't fret if your glamping skills aren't perfect right away - embrace the journey, happy glamping!

Of course, if you have any other questions feel free to comment below or through this page!

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