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How Did Glamgping Become So Popular? Must-read Guide

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Glamping Craze: Origins, Trends, and the Rise to Popularity | Glitzcamp

Definition and origin of glamping

The origins of glamping can be traced back to early explorers and luxury camps on African hunting expeditions, and it emerged as a form of modern leisure activity in Western countries in the early 2000s. As society’s demand for sustainable tourism and eco-friendly outdoor events increases, luxury camping is rapidly gaining popularity.

Glamping craze

The perfect combination of cost performance and innovation appeal

Glamping tent, safari tent, house tents for camping, geodesic dome home… With the support of the Internet buzzwords “glamping resorts” and “glamping pods”, luxury camping has been successful in recent years with its unique tourism resources and numerous tricks.

“It’s not that long-distance travel is too expensive, but glamping is more affordable.” Many industry insiders said that the explosion of luxury camping is caused by the combination of chance and necessity, because outdoor camping Tours do not have strong seasonality, whether the effective use of this wave of heat to continue to attract customers, it is worth paying attention to.

Tent camping site selection

Glamping Blend with snow fun

Ice and snow travel has always been the “example” of the winter tourism market. Data show that the popularity of holiday luxury camping tourism increased by 216% compared with the previous month, and luxury camping sports, snow and ice landscape and ice-themed luxury camping tourist activities are the main gameplay.

The popularity of camping tourism cannot be separated from the crazy “assists” of people who have lived in cities for a long time. According to the statistics of a travel platform, the Christmas holiday of 2023, camping travel bookings increased by 126% compared to last year, Glamping hotel, glamping pod and other popular destinations for camping trips. 

Luxury camping is undoubtedly the “best” Christmas short tour. glamping resorts, a popular resort resort, announced it was suspending sales on the second day of the holiday. The influx of tourists has fueled local spending. The surging number of tourists has driven the increase of accommodation and catering, and accommodation and catering enterprises have increased significantly year-on-year. House tents for camping is the first choice for tourists, and all kinds of camping equipment quickly “out of the circle”.

Glamping is a new choice for winter influencers

2023 Christmas Eve, there are many popular content on social media about “tent in the winter”, “tent living in winter” and “glamping in winter”. In order to meet tourists, major cultural travel platform accounts have launched short videos such as travel guides to fuel tourism promotion. Once the marketing content is released, it has been on the hot search, and luxury camping has instantly become a “network celebrity travel method”.

The rise of Glamping and the influencer travel phenomenon

Looking at the time line of “out of the circle” of Internet celebrity tourism in recent years, basically follow the path of “network grass planting – hot search on the explosive point – a large number of tourists follow the trend – find more bright spots to plant grass”, during this period, accompanied by local landscape resources and service details continue to be amplified, as well as the relevant departments to increase supervision and governance, in order to consolidate a good city image. Until it is replaced by the next rising new Internet celebrity city.

Glamping The Road to success

With the prosperity of the outdoor tourism market, all kinds of camping sites have made a lot of investment promotion, and have intensively prepared destination marketing for the industry, which has played a demonstration role in this wave of outdoor tourism. I have learned the experience of successful drainage of many destinations, public opinion demonstrations, and various service measures taken to care for and treat foreign tourists. 

The delicacy of the campsite contrasts with the traditional impression left by the public. The public opinion guidance is very level, and effectively enhances its own visibility and attractiveness. All these have made up for the loopholes of poor campground management before, and achieved the ideal marketing effect by promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses.


The Glamping craze: The intersection of chance and necessity

But there’s a lot of randomness to glamping’s popularity. In the Internet era, this phenomenon is not uncommon, and the public is generally accustomed to deduce the cause from the phenomenon backwards, but often ignore the randomness behind it, and deeply investigate how much preparation has been made in advance. But in fact, not how much preparation in advance will be able to explode, do not other travel methods in order to meet the holiday is not prepared? Why is luxury camping on fire this time?

Travel Phenomena in the Internet Age: Short videos and accidental phenomena

This is the network era, with the support of short video, social network and other tools, the algorithm has a biased diversion, and the short time traffic suddenly concentrated in a place caused by an accidental phenomenon. Coupled with the herd mentality of the people, it is easy to lead to more and more fire places, and even produce less than the previous play experience. As a result, in this ever-changing Internet age, the popularity of travel destinations and activities is often fraught with uncertainty.

New Trends in tourism: Promotion strategies in the Age of social media

As social media and online platforms continue to evolve, so do promotion and communication strategies in the travel industry. For the promotion of tourist destinations and activities, we should not only pay attention to short-term hot spots and popular trends, but also pay attention to long-term brand building and service quality improvement. In this way, you can stand out in the highly competitive travel market, continue to attract tourists, and create unique and memorable travel experiences.

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