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How About Choosing Safari Extreme Tent for Your Glamping Adventure?

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Nowadays, glamping has become increasingly popular. Because it offers a great opportunity for people to experience the beauty of nature. At the same time, people still enjoy the comforts they are accustomed to(familiar with). Glamping is way better than common camping for travelers who like to seek a romantic getaway or an outdoor adventure. Then what’s the best accommodation for glampers? A safari extreme tent will be a good choice! I will compare the safari extreme tent range to help you choose your most matching tent.

1. What is Safari Extreme Tent?

The Safari Extreme Tent is one of a series of safari tents. We came up with the name “extreme” just because we want to provide an extremely wonderful glamping service for our clients. Remind people that leisure moments are precious and easy to fleet. Our Extreme Series will be a perfect choice to make your outdoor luxury camping easier.

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2. Types of the Safari Extreme Tent

There are four different types of safari tents in the extreme series, which consist of core, advanced, elite, and prestige. I will introduce the main features, size, and basic content.

2.1 Core

Core is the smallest of the extreme series. We have Core S and Core M to choose from. Core S only provides one layout cause it’s usually for one who wants to enjoy his own time alone. Core M has two types of layouts. It’s suitable for one to two people, it is ideal for groups enjoying personal time or close space for partners. Even though Core is not a pretty big structure, it still can meet people's diverse needs. The high-quality aluminum alloy construction is strong enough to withstand wind and snow, making it more adaptable to outdoor environments.

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2.2 Advance

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It is a medium-sized safari tent in a series of products. Suitable for two people who enjoy being with friends or couples. The product has more space than the small structure and more choices to make. There are three types of sizes such as Advance S, Advance M, and Advance L. Advance L is the biggest size and it has three different kinds of layouts. They are all available for campers to customize and different themes of interiors to create multiple suitable scenarios. This type creates an intimate and harmonious camping atmosphere that offers more possibilities for social interaction while protecting privacy.

2.3 Prestige

Our medium-sized Prestige safari tent, which is suitable for two explorers. The Prestige and Prestige Plus models offer three different types of layouts that suit your preferences.They are slightly different except for one layout. They all have three different types of layouts. Especially, the second layout of our Prestige Plus shines with its additional side space. It's perfect for you lying in two luxurious recliners to relax. And there is a dining set including a table and chairs for having your meal happily. These tents redefine glamping, greatly blending comfort and adventure. Elevate your outdoor experience with Prestige and offer you a new level of relaxation and convenience. The interior set-up options are a bit similar to the Advance’s.

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2.4 Elite

Elite is the largest size in the series with three types of layout, which is suitable for 2-3 people. It is the perfect choice for those who enjoy family-friendly vacations. In addition to having the widest space to move around, the greatest feature of this safari tent is that it has a modular bathroom. This provides an excellent outdoor accommodation solution and also greatly enhances the comfort of the accommodation. Whether it's the moisture-proof sealing mats, or the sunshade layer and thermal insulation inner bag, all of them are humanized to satisfy people's multiple camping needs. It gives people chances to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and have a high-quality experience at the same time. The product not only fulfills the simple experiential camping services but also strengthens the output of a more modern and comfortable camping culture.

3.Safari Extreme Tents Comparison

Here are the differences and similarities.

3.1 Differences:

Size and Capacity: The Advance is designed for two people. This is quite ideal for those who like camping with friends or partners. The Prestige is also suitable for two people, while the Elite is perfect for two to three people especially for family vacations because Elite can provide more space.

Layout Options: The Advance is available in three different size options (Advance S, Advance M, and Advance L). And various layout options can be customized by the campers’ hobbies. The Prestige includes the Prestige and Prestige Plus models, both offer three different layout options. Only Prestige Plus provides an additional side space. It's perfect for you lying in two luxurious recliners to relax.

Atmosphere: Advance focuses on creating an intimate and relaxing camping atmosphere. It gives a lot of customizable indoor themes that let people make social interact freely. The Prestige focuses on a comfortable indoor layout, while the Prestige Plus with additional side space, perfect for lying in two luxurious recliners.

3.2 Similarities:

Range and use: All these three types of safari tents (Advance, Prestige, and Elite) are part of a range of glamping tents. They aim to provide comfortable and customizable outdoor accommodations. Make a great balance between leisure time and luxury life.

Multiple Layouts: Each tent series offers multiple layout options for campers to choose and customize to their preference.

Comfort features: All three ranges include comfort-enhancing features such as soft furnishings, sunshade layers, and modular bathrooms to meet clients’daily camping needs.

In summary, while the Advance and Prestige are all mid-sized camping tents with customizable layouts and comfort features, their main differences are in size and capacity, unique layout options, and the overall camping vibe they want to create. The Advance focuses on keeping intimacy and harmony in camping. The Prestige works on indoor comfort, and the Elite is mainly suited for family vacations to offer a greater camping experience with its spacious design and modular bathrooms.


All the Safari extreme tents can provide you with different but brilliant service, just choose one that suits your needs most. If you want to have a personal holiday, you can choose the Core S from the series. Choose the Advance or Prestige if you are glad to spend time with your partner or friends and family. I’m sure you can find a perfect Safari extreme tent by yourself after reading this blog. Just have fun in glamping!

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