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What is Glamping? |Camping vs. Glamping

Luxury Safari Tents: A New Standard
In outdoor adventure and leisure activities, camping has always been a choice for people to pursue nature. However, glamping has emerged, which has injected a new luxury element into the outdoor experience in recent years. Now, let’s unveil the difference between camping and glamping and explore this emerging outdoor lifestyle – glamping.

What Is Glamping?

Glamping, a new leisure activity, combines the adventurous fun of traditional camping with a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Next, look at its definition, origin, development, and unique characteristics of Glamping.


Glamping is a combination of the words “Glamorous” and “Camping”, which means combining the concepts of luxury and camping to create a new outdoor leisure style. The word “Glamping” was first born in the UK in 2005 and became a new outdoor style in the United States in 2015. It meets people’s demand for luxury accommodation while enjoying nature and adventure.
In Glamping, you can enjoy high-quality accommodation facilities, caring services, and a beautiful natural environment.

Origin and Development

The history of glamping can be traced back to many different times and places. Its evolution reflects people’s pursuit of a constant fusion of natural experiences and luxury enjoyment. The following is a detailed introduction to the history of glamping
16th-17th century: In Scotland, John Stuart, the third Earl of Athol, established what is arguably the first luxury camping site in the UK for the king and his mother.
Early 20th century: Due to the pursuit of natural exploration and luxury enjoyment by wealthy European and American adventurers, the concept of luxury camping began to shape. They began to use larger tents and brought antique furniture, double beds, Persian carpets, and luxury bedding into the wild to achieve a glamping experience.
2000s to present: Luxury camping has quickly become popular around the world. People began to pay attention to the unique accommodation form of luxury camping, and environment protection. The rise of glamping has also promoted the development of related industries, such as camping equipment, campsite construction, and tourism services.


Glamping is unique in its luxurious accommodation facilities, high-quality services, and site.
Accommodation facilities: The accommodation facilities of glamping are usually very luxurious and comfortable. For example, glamping tents are equipped with soft mattresses, smart appliances, and modern bathroom facilities.
High-quality services: Some high-end glamping camps also provide a variety of entertainment activities and intimate services such as private butlers, chefs and other thoughtful services, so that guests can enjoy a high quality of life outdoors.
Site: Glamping is usually located in a beautiful natural environment. These camps are often located in scenic mountains, lakes, or forests, allowing guests to experience the charm of nature.

What is the Difference Between Camping and Glamping?

Although camping and glamping are both outdoor accommodation experiences, there are many different aspects. Below, we will introduce the differences between camping and glamping in detail.
Camping Glamping
Accommodation Facilities simple and primitive ample and exquisite
Level of Comfort low high
Level of Convenience low high
Applicable People outdoor sports enthusiasts and travelers with limited budgets tourists who pursue luxury and comfortable experiences
Not Applicable People tourists with mysophobia, allergies, or weak bodies travelers with limited budgets or like to engage in tough outdoor activities
Applicable Occasions adventure activities leisure vacations, team building, and celebrations of special holidays, etc

Accommodation Facilities

Camping: Camping usually requires tourists to build simple tents by themselves and bring their sleeping bags or thin mattresses. And there are no independent bathroom facilities. This type of accommodation is simple and primitive.
Glamping: It provides ready-built glamping tents or cabins. Take our L1 Anlong fancy tent as an example. It not only looks beautiful but also has exquisite interior facilities, including independent bathrooms, chairs, and beds. It will provide tourists with a high-quality accommodation experience.
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Comfort and Convenience

Camping: The comfort level of camping is relatively low and is greatly affected by the weather and environment. In addition, camping is not very convenient. Tourists need to carry and set up their equipment, which is a relatively cumbersome and time-consuming process.
Glamping: Glamping is known for its high comfort and convenience. High-quality accommodation and services ensure the comfort of tourists, and tourists do not need to make a lot of preparations and cumbersome equipment construction. Luxury camping is often a one-stop service, which means that tourists do not need to worry about accommodation and dining issues.

Applicable People

Camping: Camping is suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts and travelers with limited budgets. However, camping may not be the best choice for tourists with mysophobia, allergies, or weak bodies. They may consider luxury camping.
Glamping: Glamping is more suitable for tourists who pursue luxury and comfortable experiences, such as couples, families, corporate teams, etc. However, for travelers with limited budgets or those who like to engage in tough outdoor activities, luxury camping may not be their first choice.

Applicable Occasions

Camping: Camping is suitable for outdoor gatherings and adventure activities between families and friends. During camping, people can get closer to nature and experience the fun of outdoor life.
Glamping: Glamping is more suitable for leisure vacations, team building, and celebrations of special holidays (such as weddings and birthdays). In glamping, people can enjoy a memorable vacation while enjoying high-quality accommodation.

How to Design a Glamping Project?

Above, we have learned the difference between camping and glamping. Do you prefer the glamping option? If so, let’s look at how to design a glamping project that is both luxurious and unforgettable. Below, we will give suggestions from several key aspects.

Site Selection

When choosing a location for a glamping project, we should prioritize areas with beautiful natural environments, such as tranquil forests, clear lakes, majestic mountains, or charming beaches.
At the same time, we should choose a location with convenient transportation, which is close to the driveway.
In addition, safety is also a factor that cannot be ignored. We should choose a safe and reliable location away from potential natural disaster areas, such as floods, landslides, etc.

Set Up a Glamping Tent

In the carefully selected area, we need to build comfortable and glamping tents. These glamping tents need to be equipped with high-quality furniture, including soft mattresses and exquisite lamps. The glamping tents also need to be equipped with modern facilities, such as independent bathrooms, and wireless networks. Let campers enjoy the natural beauty while living a convenient and comfortable modern life, which can attract more people to come.
We especially recommend the DF luxury camping tent of our Glitzcamp brand. This tent provides a luxurious independent living environment for resorts and hotel scenes with its unique design and luxurious interior decorations. This tent is equipped with the internal facilities of star-rated hotels and a modular bathroom, bringing guests a luxury accommodation experience.
Luxury Camping Tent

Provide High-Quality Service

Professional guide services can be provided to guide customers to check in and conduct glamping activities. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that every customer can enjoy the company of an experienced guide.
What’s more, high-quality customer service is also essential. A 24-hour customer hotline should be set up to answer any questions that customers may encounter during glamping. We also need to collect customer feedback to improve service quality and provide them with an excellent glamping experience.

Design Lots of Entertainment Activities

When designing a glamping project, we should provide rich and diverse entertainment activities. Here are some activities that can be held glamping for your reference.
Outdoor barbecue: We can prepare cooking tools for customers, such as grills and forks. At the same time, we also provide a variety of ingredients, such as fresh vegetables, meat, and seafood. In this way, customers can choose the ingredients they like to make barbecue food.
Bonfire party: We can light a bonfire at night and invite guests to sit around the warm bonfire and sing and dance happily together. At the same time, we also prepare some simple musical instruments, such as guitars and hand drums, so that campers can perform music to create a wonderful night together.
Night sky observation: We can prepare some high-quality telescopes for campers to enjoy the stars in the night sky. On a rainy night, let the campers observe the stars with the help of these tools, adding scientific fun to the glamping trip.

Safety Precaution

To ensure the safety of glamping activities, we have to take some safety precautions. Here are some safety measures we need to pay attention to.
Facility inspection and maintenance: We can regularly inspect and maintain glamping equipment. Ensure that tents, stoves, and other facilities are always in good condition.
Fire prevention: We need to prepare fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment. We also need to remind participants to be careful about fire safety and not to use flames in the glamping tents.
Medical emergency: It is best to set up a medical station in the glamping site equipped with necessary first aid medicines and medical equipment. We can also contact nearby medical institutions in advance to ensure timely treatment.


It is hoped that this article helped you understand what glamping is and the difference between camping and glamping. After knowing how to design a glamping project, if you think designing a glamping project is too complicated, you might want to consider contacting us. We not only produce glamping tents but also provide a full range of glamping solutions. From design to implementation, we can provide you with a one-stop solution.
Whether you have any questions about glamping or want to know more details, you are welcome to contact us at any time. We will try our best to meet your needs and create a perfect glamping site for you.

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