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How Glamorous Camping Elevates Outdoor Cooking Experience?

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Glamorous Camping Food Tour: Unique Recipes & Cooking Techniques | Glitzcamp

Glamorous Camping Food Tour

In this unique food tour, we will explore the unique charm of glamorous camping. Starting from the freshness of breakfast, we can taste the unique delicious in nature, perhaps a cup of wild coffee, perhaps a fresh fruit salad, each bite is a beautiful perception of the taste of nature.

At lunchtime, try cooking a simple and delicious glamorous camping lunch in a field kitchen. Cook a grilled salmon in a portable stovetop under the luxury glamping skyline canopy and braise a fragrant wild stew. This is no ordinary cooking at wild, but a wonderful time interacting with nature.

In the evening, enjoy a unique open-air dinner. Glamping skyline canopy is set up like a luxury niche restaurant under the stars, with candlelight, bonfires and delicious food that is enticing outdoors. You can also cook some glamorous camping snacks, such as charred corn, baked desserts, and enjoy outdoor cooking with friends and family.

This is a unique food journey, from simple delicious snacks to exquisite dishes, each incorporating the unique elements of glamorous camping. With the baking scent of ingredients wafting through the outdoors, an intimate encounter with nature makes every camp cooking a unique adventure. This is not only a simple outdoor cooking, but also a perfect combination of food and nature.

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Unique Glamorous Camping Cooking Techniques

Field Oven

How it works: A field oven mimics a traditional home oven, using a concentrated heat source to cook in an enclosed space.

How to build it: Use aluminum foil, insulation, and collapsible metal shelves to create a small enclosed space and place the fire source at the bottom to evenly distribute the heat.

Application scenario: Suitable for outdoor environment, can make barbecue, bread and so on.

Open Kitchen Construction

How it works: Setting up a kitchen-like area in the field, including a work surface, storage shelves and cooking equipment, provides an orderly work environment.

Construction method: Use a tent or a canopy as a ceiling, set up foldable tables and chairs, and put stoves, cooking tools, etc., neatly.

Application scenario: Suitable for long-term camping places, providing a more comfortable and convenient cooking environment.

Stone Stove

How it works: A furnace built from stone preserves heat and provides a uniform heat source.

How to build it: The stones are built into a small stove and the fire is placed inside. The stones store heat and keep the fire stable.

Application scenario: It is suitable for mountainous areas or places without a lot of combustible materials to provide a stable fire source.

Folding Grill

How it works: Use a collapsible metal grill that’s easy to carry and store, perfect for outdoor grilling.

Construction method: The grill is spread out and placed in a glamorous camping position, and the height and Angle can be adjusted to adapt to the cooking needs of different ingredients.

Application scenario: Suitable for outdoor barbecue, light and easy to carry.

Pit Stove

How it works: Dig a shallow pit in the ground and place the fire source in it, reflecting heat through the pit walls to provide the temperature needed for cooking.

Construction method: Dig a pit of appropriate depth, light the fire source, and place a bracket or cooking utensils above the pit.

Application scenario: Suitable for large area cooking occasions, can provide a stable heat source.

These unique outdoor cooking techniques and equipment have their own advantages in different environments and needs, making outdoor cooking more fun, convenient and delicious.

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Share Delicious Recipes for Cooking at Glamorous Camping

Camping Breakfast Roll:

Ingredients: Pastry, egg, ham, cheese, vegetables

How to do it: Place ham, vegetables, cheese and egg on top of dough, roll and wrap in foil. Roast over an open fire until golden brown. Roast chicken wings in honey sauce:

Ingredients: Chicken wings, honey, soy sauce, ginger garlic, olive oil

How to do it: Marinate the chicken wings with a mixture of honey, soy sauce, ginger and garlic, then roast them over an open fire, brushing a layer of marinade every once in a while.

Grilled Vegetable Salad:

Ingredients: Tomato, onion, color pepper, olive oil, salt, black pepper

How to do it: Mix the chopped vegetables with olive oil, salt and black pepper, place them on a baking sheet and roast them on an oven or over an open fire until they are slightly tender.

Glamorous Camping Fried Chicken Rolls:

Ingredients: Chicken breast, breadcrumbs, egg, flour, tomato sauce

Steps: Dip the chicken breast in flour, egg mixture and breadcrumbs and deep-fry until golden brown. Wrap in lettuce leaves, dip in tomato sauce and serve.

Baked Potatoes by Fire:

Ingredients: Potato, olive oil, salt, cheese

Steps: Cut potatoes into thin slices, sprinkle with olive oil, salt, wrap in aluminum foil, bake on a campfire and sprinkle with cheese.

These delicious recipes are easy to make and ideal for use at a campsite, making the camping experience even richer and more delicious.

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Skill and creativity complement each other on this culinary journey, making outdoor cooking a true adventure where each meal is a challenge to both taste buds and imagination.

“Near the scenery, live in the place”, “light leisure, micro vacation”…… This is not only the new consumption of people’s travel life under the current sluggish economic background; It is also a new driving force for the transformation and upgrading of the tourism and leisure industry. Therefore, “glamorous camping”, as a “near scenery, life in the place” and a typical form of light leisure and micro-vacation, is not only popular at present, but also will become a sustainable tourism consumption and tourism life in the future. 

Take advantage of the situation, innovate and create, make the camping economy beautiful, do a good job of glamorous camping life, and achieve sustainable development. It can become a “strength point” to leverage the recovery of the tourism industry and achieve new development, so as to continuously meet and realize people’s yearning for a better life.

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