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Seeking Luxury Safari Tents for Glamping and Outdoor Events?

Safari tent


The summer leaves, the soft wind and drizzle of the autumn wind approach quietly, the wandering journey of the soul of idle clouds and madrigals, so that the people trapped in the reinforced concrete are fascinated.

Quiet green plants and dark fierce animals, like receiving the call of the big forest, the original ecological landscape began to return to the top of the list of tourism options, staged the harmonious rhythm of man and nature, and found the symbiotic relationship between the two sides as the earth’s organisms and the environment. Safari Tent is a unique tent structure that is often used to create a luxurious wilderness experience.

Today, Safari Tent is more than just a place to stay, it represents a promise: comfort, convenience and close contact with nature. More and more people like to choose it, not only because it is deeply rooted in historical traditions, but also because it provides an unparalleled experience for modern adventurers.

II. Design Elements of Safari Tent

1/ Spacious interior space

Glamping requires plenty of indoor space to spend your leisure time in the open Spaces offered by the open-ceilinged tents. Glitzcamp offers Safari Tents in a variety of sizes, from the C15 Lite Safari Tent with a projection area of 15 square meters to the E67 Extreme Canvas Tent with 67 square meters. In addition, there are customized models to meet the various needs of customers.

In the case of the E67 Extreme Canvas Tent, the projector surface is approximately 721.1 square feet. It represents the ultimate glamping solution for Glitzcamp. Each room features private luxurious bathroom facilities, all-weather hot water, a plush plush king bed, and a romantic candlelit dining room, which can be customized according to personal preference. E67 represents the pinnacle of Glamping technology and products.

Unapologetically Luxurious: There’s luxury, and then there’s E67 luxury.Positioned to be the jewel in Glitzcamp’scrown, it represents a vision-a vision wherenature meets opulence, without compromise.

The Luxury Safari Tents of Getting in Touch with Nature

2/ High durability material

Safari Tent material thick combined with technology materials waterproof and windproof, has a strong glamping style, perfect for hosting luxury camping activities.

Safari Tent is safer and more stable than a traditional triangular camping tent and can withstand harsh blizzard conditions. It features Glitzcamp’s patented aluminum alloy frame, which can withstand typhoons of up to class 8-10, and a double cover that ensures first-class waterproof and thermal insulation, ensuring that users enjoy luxury outdoor camping without worry.

3/ Unique style

2 person safari tents

Combining luxury with nature, Safari Tent ensures luxury, comfort, safety and durability. The entire Safari Tent is built using high-end building materials and wood products, combining luxury texture with wild characteristics, and full of money atmosphere, so that wild animals do not dare to disturb!

We live in a busy world these days, and sometimes we want to escape from stress, responsibility and culture to find our roots, where our stories begin.

Safari Tent’s sense of luxury and integration with nature sets it apart from traditional tents. Traditional tents need to get out of the tent to feel the nature. Safari Tent has a large area of glass appearance to enjoy 360° views of the outdoor scenery at any time, and take a bath to pay attention to the scenery! Feel the magic of reaching for the stars, this is the best part of Safari Tent.

Together, these design elements form a landscape-oriented interface for Safari Tent that gives the user a sense of direction and place to the viewing line of sight. Through Safari Tent, a specific perspective of the landscape is formed and captured. Although still in its original state, the interaction between man and nature creates a more abstract landscape here. The space of Safari Tent allows the landscape to be separated but at the same time enveloped by nature.

Therefore, “the most interesting nature is not pure natural without intervention, but the nature that is artificially captured and interacts with people.”

4/ Eco-friendly Safari Tent

Safari Tent structure is all prefabricated parts, that is, remove and go, without changing the topography and vegetation landscape, to minimize the damage to the ecology.

III. Safari Tent's advantages as a luxury accommodation option

Safari Tent: Transparent, spacious and luxurious Safari Tent is the advantage of luxury accommodation. Wild luxury has taken a path suitable for vacation, and most of them are built in places with excellent scenery. In addition, it provides alpine exploration, grassland nomadism and other activities that are usually difficult to reach.

The rooms are well equipped, even more than the five-star hotel configuration. Excellent value for money and compared to other expensive wild luxury hotels, safari tent is affordable for most people.

The construction of Safari tent is not limited by the nature of the site. Safari tent can be set up in the mountains with a cliff drop of more than 1,000 meters, and there is nothing in the way, so users can pull out the tent and see the beautiful scenery. The room is equipped with everything from a coffee maker, aromatherapy, radio and other items to create a pleasant journey. Outside the tent, there is a viewing platform, and at night, you can see the beautiful view under the stars from the terrace.

IV. Conclusion

In fact, before there was no architecture, people’s perception of the landscape was relatively simple, because there was no artificial constraint, the landscape was in an isotropic divergence state. Safari Tent hopes that through the intervention of architecture, people can read the landscape through the design elements when using and living in it, and generate more communication and experience with the landscape.

More and more outdoor social ways by the global consumer preference, RV, camping, wild luxury and other such hotels ushered in new development opportunities. The outstanding leisure, culture and vast world of the wild luxury camp are advertised as selling points, and the popularity of private travel is increasing with the mountain beauty of natural scenery, rural ecology, lakeside river, and deep forest. Many camp brands have also gradually begun to combine products with camps, launch scenario-based marketing, and expand the brand moat.

Safari Tent Desert Resorts

Safari Tent has a strong appeal in itself, including its sense of luxury, close contact with nature, and applicability.

When discussing the relationship between the bridge and the two sides of the river, Heidegger once said: “The bridge is built on the river, it is not only to connect the original two sides, it is because of the existence of the bridge, the bank has its foundation.” The two sides are connected by the bridge, and through the bridge, the bank of one side is opposed to the other side, and the bank is therefore very significant.

Together with the river bank, the bridge leads the rear environment to the river, it brings the land, the river bank and the river closer together, and the bridge condenses the meaningless land into a part of the river landscape.” So, in this sense, Safari Tent’s intervention in the landscape is like Heidegger’s “bridge”, it enhances the value of the landscape, shows the meaning of the place, and makes the relationship between people and the landscape become closer.

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