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Dome structure: The Future of Urban Revival

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The future road of urban revival

Urban revival, also known as urban redevelopment, urban renewal, refers to a comprehensive or partial reconstruction or renovation plan or project in a city due to the lack of urban planning in the early days or the gradual disrepair of buildings.

Urban revival is a kind of necessary and planned reconstruction of the areas in the city that have not adapted to the modern urban social life.

In August 1958, at the first urban revival seminar held in the Netherlands, the relevant explanation of urban revival was made: People living in cities have different expectations and dissatisfaction with the buildings they live in, the surrounding environment, or travel, shopping, entertainment and other life activities: for the repair and renovation of the houses they live in, and for the improvement of streets, parks, green Spaces and bad residential areas, etc.

Dome Resort in the Jungle

Dome structure: The future road of urban revival

The structure of the geodesic dome is currently one of the most recognized structures in the world, and it is embodied by the logic of geometric mathematics

A geometric model from a point, to a line segment, to a sphere. To put it simply, geodesic dome is designed by “dimensionality.” The so-called “dimension” refers to the number of elements contained in the structure of the product, the more this number, the more the number of rods in the structure, the closer its appearance shape is to the round appearance of the ball. On the contrary, if there are fewer dimensions, there will be fewer rods, so the structure will be simpler and the rods will be longer. According to the actual needs to choose different dimensions, in order to achieve the optimal effect.

In order to form a comfortable living environment and beautiful city appearance has great hope. Urban construction activities that include all these contents are urban revival. In this context, the geodesic dome structure is a powerful tool to help achieve these goals.

Dome structure: a multi-functional tool for urban revival

Britain, the earliest industrialized country, played a more prominent role in urban regeneration, and was more inclined to use the word urban regeneration. Its symbolic significance was not only the improvement of the city’s physical environment, but also a broader social and economic regeneration.

With its unique design and multi-functional nature, the dome structure provides an innovative solution for urban revival.

  • The dome structure is designed to maximize the use of natural light and natural ventilation to improve energy efficiency, in line with the concept of sustainable urban development. Build a community center and park in the city core, a network of greenways for neighbors to gather.
  • The dome can be used as a new type of architecture, changing the skyline of the city, adding modern landmarks to the city, attracting tourists and foreign investment.
  • The dome structure can be used to transform old buildings into multi-functional cultural centers, sports venues or business districts, injecting new vitality into the city. Let the public and tourists enjoy a colorful and vibrant life and cultural experience in the renovated new building, and build a bridge between people and the city and nature with its people-oriented, green, low-carbon and intelligent integration concept.

Urban revival model of dome structure

Giant Module Camping Dome

The Eden Project is an educational charity and social enterprise. The Eden Project’s global mission is to create a movement to build relationships between people and the natural world to demonstrate the power of working together for the benefit of all living things.

The Eden Project is on a site that was once barren – a former clay mine with no soil and no plants. The founders of The Eden Project transformed this massive crater into a beautiful global garden.

The project uses multiple dome structures that simulate different climatic conditions inside, creating a unique botanical garden and ecological paradise. These domes became a landmark in Cornwall, favored by tourists and educational institutions, and brought economic and cultural prosperity to Cornwall. The Eden Project is an incredible feat of architectural and bioengineering.


Art inspires a collective suggestion that can gather and form a society. From then on, the act itself, that is, the act of “doing”, becomes the work. Therefore, the dome structure can not only improve the urban environment, but also provide feasible solutions for urban revival and promote the city towards a better and more sustainable future.

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