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DIY Safari Tent Tips for a Unique Glamping Experience 2024

DIY Safari Tent Tips
A well-decorated safari tent can be an important carrier for displaying the brand image. So, it is necessary to improve your decorative information. Let’s explore how to DIY safari tents and bring your customers a more memorable safari tent glamping experience!

DIY Safari Tents to Look More Natural and Attractive

Below, we will provide you with some useful decoration suggestions to make your safari tent more integrated with nature and attract more customers!
  1. Wooden Decorations

Adding some wooden decorations can give your safari tents a natural atmosphere. You can place a small pile of treated wood on the wall or in the center of the tent. These treated wood can become the natural background of the rest or dining area in the safari tents. You can also install some curtains with wood-patterned on the windows of your tents.
In addition to using the treated wood as background decoration, you can also set up some small wooden tables and wooden stools according to the size of the tent. You can see our C18 lite canvas tent in the below picture. The tent cleverly places a small wooden table and two wooden stools at the door. This design can make the safari tent look more natural.
A C18 Lite Canvas Tent
  1. Stone

You can choose stone as a natural decorative material for DIY safari tents. When choosing stones, you should pay attention to choosing smooth stones to ensure that the stones will not scratch people.
In terms of decorating, you can place a large and beautiful stone in the corners of the tent. The stone can give customers a sense of security psychologically. Besides, you can use some smaller stones. For example, you can use some small stones to place various cute animal shapes on the ground inside the tent, such as bears, rabbits, kittens, etc. These cute animal images can bring a pleasant mood to customers.
  1. Greenery and Floral decorations

If you add some drought-tolerant green plants or flowers to the safari tent, such as cacti, succulents, and lavender, the tent will be in harmony with nature. You can see in the picture below that there is a pot of green plants in our L31 Lite luxury camping tent. Does this pot of green plants make the whole tent feel more natural?
What’s more, you can consider using vines for creative decoration. For example, you can weave vines into garlands and hang them on the walls of the tent. Or, you can hang the vines on the top of the tent with thin ropes or transparent fishing lines. Also, you can wrap the vines around the support poles of the safari tent.
In addition to real plants, artificial plants are also a good choice. They can maintain bright colors for a long time without much care and the price is cheaper than real plants.
A Pot Of Green Plants In L31 Lite Glamping Tents
  1. Lighting

You can use colored bulbs or LED strips for DIY safari tents. If you want to add more interest to your tent, you can also choose some projector lights. This lighting brings a warm atmosphere to the camp and provides enough light for conversation or reading activities at night.
Furthermore, you must have this question: where should I place the lighting? You can refer to the lighting layout of our L21 Lite canvas tent, as shown in the picture below. We hung warm yellow LED light strips at the entrance of this tent. Or you can place a camping lamp in front of the tent, like our L17 Lite safari tent.
A Camping Lamp In Front Of The L17 Lite Safari Tent
The Lighting Layout Of Our L21 Lite Canvas Tent
  1. Carpet

To create a warm and comfortable camping environment, you can also decorate your safari tent with carpets. For example, you can lay carpets throughout the tent to provide customers with a full range of soft experiences. But, if your budget is limited, you can choose to lay a small carpet only in the sleeping area or in the rest area.
Regarding the choice of color, you can boldly choose a carpet that contrasts with the original style to highlight the visual effect. Or you can choose colors that echo other elements inside the tent to achieve unity in style. For example, if you like a warm style, you can choose warm yellow, orange, and beige. If you like the wild nature style, you can choose dark brown and green.
  1. Ornaments

When DIY safari tents, you can also consider adding special small pillows or cushions to create a cultural atmosphere. For example, you can place retro-style pillows and cushions in a tent. You can see the picture below.
In this way, the tent can create a warm and retro feeling for customers and increase the cultural charm of the tent. At the same time, you can also choose some modern ornaments, such as abstract paintings or photographs, which is also a good way to enhance the artistic atmosphere of the safari tent.
Diy Safari Tent With A Retro Style Pillow And Cushion

The Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Safari Tents

We have discussed some tips on how to decorate a tent. However, there are also some basic notes we need to know during the decoration process.

Do’s of DIY Safari Tents

There are several key considerations to keep in mind when decorating a safari tent.
  1. Reasonable use of space
You can choose foldable or detachable furniture as much as possible, such as folding tables and chairs. This furniture can be quickly set up and stored, leaving enough space for activities inside the tent. In addition, you can also use storage tools such as storage boxes to effectively organize the items in the tent.
  1. Consider comfort
You should choose the most comfortable furniture and bedding to ensure that customers have a comfortable sleeping experience in the tent, thereby improving customer retention.
  1. Consider the ventilation and lighting of the tent
When decorating your safari tents, you need to notice that the decorations do not block the vents and entrances to maintain air circulation. Also, you should arrange the decorative items reasonably to avoid blocking the light to have a bright interior.

Don’ts of DIY Safari Tents

In addition to considering beauty and comfort, the safety of the safari tent is also important.
  1. Do not use flammable materials
When choosing decorations, you need to pay attention to their flammability. Flammable items such as candles and paper lanterns can be a safety hazard, especially in a closed tent environment.
  1. Do not damage the tent structure
During the decoration process, please avoid drilling holes in the tent or hanging heavy objects, etc. These actions may damage the structure and waterproof performance of the tent, which would reduce its service life.
  1. Do not use harmful decoration
Some decorations may contain harmful substances, such as decorative materials with excessive formaldehyde. These harmful substances may cause harm to the health of customers. Therefore, when choosing decorations, please pay attention to their materials.


Although personalized decoration can add a unique charm to the tent, the overly complicated decoration steps and multiple choices may also be daunting. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have an idea of how to DIY safari tents. Do you think decorating tents is a hard work? If so, we sincerely recommend Glitzcamp to you. We are a luxury camping tent manufacturer with rich experience and can provide one-stop luxury tent interior decoration design services.

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