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Eco Glamping: Redefining Luxury Camping with Sustainability

eco glamping


When we talk about eco glamping, we're actually talking about a whole new kind of camping experience that combines nature, comfort and sustainability. The concept has gone beyond the boundaries of traditional camping, offering a perfect option for those who desire to be close to nature but are unwilling to part with the luxury and comfort.

Eco-friendly Camping: Why is it important?

In one era, we are faced with the serious challenge of climate change and environmental issues. The depletion of natural resources and the destruction of ecosystems make us realize that positive actions must be taken to protect our earth. That's exactly the role eco glamping plays. Eco glamping educates and inspires people to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and create a better future for our children and grandchildren.

The application of design innovation in eco glamping

Transparent dome tent

Transparent dome tents are made of highly durable transparent materials with excellent weather resistance, whether it is hot summer or cold winter, transparent dome tents can withstand. By renewing the materials and reusing them in a way that has the least impact on the environment, it gives it a new look and vitality. These are some good ideas that eco glamping wants to pass on to everyone, hoping that in the near future, the living environment will become better.

At night, visitors can lie down in a comfortable bed and enjoy the magnificent view of a sky full of stars and shooting stars streaking across the night sky. This transparent design allows visitors to feel as if they are outdoors and integrated with nature.

During the day, the transparent dome makes full use of sunlight, bringing natural light into the interior and providing visitors with a bright and warm indoor environment. This not only saves energy for lighting, but also adds a bright and open feel to the accommodation space. To maintain the original tranquility of the wilderness, build a transparent dome tent not made of reinforced concrete, a building in harmony with nature.

eco glamping
eco glamping

Treehouse tent

Years have passed, and we still remember that day clearly. Every summer, when the weather is hot, the children gather under an old tree and build a small tent together. When we were young, we called it "the house," both for shelter and for fun. The division of labor is clear, some people cut trees, and some people pick leaves to set up tents and decorate them, making them beautiful and eye-catching. 

After the "house" was built, we went out to collect things, and made our "home" in the leaf hut... The leaf hut contained our childhood, and was also a place where we could play fun games and listen to music. Years later, these stories still seem like they happened yesterday. The cottage game, though simple, nourished our young souls in the remote countryside at that time.

The Treehouse tent is an adventurous design that hangs the tent from a large tree. In the quiet countryside, under the woods often accompanied by the lake and the mountains, a "tree house by the lake" was built. It is made from sustainable wood to ensure minimal disturbance to the trees, reduce costs and reduce the impact on the existing landscape and nature. The construction of treehouse tents requires exquisite craftsmanship to ensure safety and stability.

This design provides visitors with an experience of high closeness to nature, making them feel as if they are living above the treetops.

Underground tent

The underground tent design adopts a unique concept, the tent is half buried underground, this structural layout not only improves the privacy protection, but also significantly reduces the interference of external noise, more effectively resist the wind, and ensure the quiet and comfortable inside the tent. The location of the underground tent makes it subject to natural underground temperatures, which reduces the need for heating or cooling systems and reduces energy consumption.

Benefits of eco glamping

1/ Enhance tourist experience and environmental awareness:

If each of us knows how to "reuse" or "repurpose" things that are considered "waste" in such a way that they have the least impact on the environment during use, then such a consensus will contribute to our conservation of the environment. 

Eco glamping has an idyllic look, with materials stained with traces of time. But at the same time, it still retains the essential characteristics of the building, namely comfort, necessary privacy, flexibility and attractiveness. Natural elements such as sunlight, wind and plants are cleverly integrated into the interior Spaces of each tent to bring aesthetic effects while ensuring that the light, temperature and air quality are suitable for the daily needs of people of all ages. 

More importantly, the overall architecture and space are coordinated with the existing environment, bringing about the interaction and connection between "people" and "people and nature", allowing people to experience nature and love life. At the same time, it is our way to educate the younger generation that nature always gives us the best, and instill the idea that humans should love and want to protect nature more.

eco glamping

2/ Positive impact on local communities and economies:

Eco glamping attracts explorers to explore remote areas and promotes the growth of tourism in underdeveloped areas. This form of tourism, often combined with natural attractions and cultural exchanges, brings more tourists and income to local communities, helping to improve infrastructure and social welfare.

Eco glamping is not only good for the natural environment, it also has a positive impact on the local community and economy. The Eco glamping camp requires local Labour to maintain and operate the camping facilities, thus creating a large number of jobs. Tourists spend money at eco glamping camp, supporting local farmers and artisans and contributing to the local economy.

eco glamping


Glitzcamp aims to create a space where people can go back to the ground but away from the ground, which is unadorned and kept to a minimum. We also wanted to evoke a sense of impermanence and expect other experimental buildings to fill the void in the future. We are now working with other architects to experiment with new forms, materials and constructions - all of which revolve around the idea of "building off the ground".

To have such a comfortable and developed life as we do today, humans have sacrificed many of the things closest to them, such as nature and living environment, health and community cohesion... Knowing this, Glitzcamp is committed to creating richer and more meaningful experiences. We hope to bring experience of eco glamping, connection, fun and learning to our dear customers, so that they can live in the love of nature and surrounded by nature and plants.

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