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What Makes Canvas Cabin Tents the Ideal Choice for Glamping?

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Canvas Cabin Tents: Harmonizing Luxury with Nature | Glitzcamp


The concept of Canvas Cabin Tents stems from a reverence for nature and a desire for sustainable ways to travel. Combining the charm of a traditional tent with the comfort of a luxury star-rated hotel, it takes travelers into the arms of an outdoor paradise.

Looking, lounging, sitting, people desire to regain the poetry of everyday life through physical and perceptual experience, looking at nature, talking to the sea, quiet or noisy. Under the integration of rich activity scenes, this station trying to integrate into the natural scenery is gradually growing into a moving “living landscape“. When we talk about Canvas Cabin Tents, we are not only referring to a form of accommodation, but to emphasize the preciousness of nature and how human beings should protect this beautiful planet, thereby reviving the ancient history of the relationship between human beings and nature.

Canvas Cabin Tents: A window to nature

1/ Eco-friendly and sustainable

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Modern, high-end Canvas Cabin Tents are made of environmentally friendly materials and are dedicated to reducing the adverse impact on the environment. These low-maintenance, growable materials give the tent building a more sustainable state of life, but also further construct the relationship between the place and the contemporary – using contemporary means to anchor the “place” as a cultural concept.

Not only the regional thinking on the micro level of climate, geography, space users, but also the reflection and emphasis on local characteristics in a broader architectural perspective, using contemporary spatial narration to recreate local memories and experiences, responding to the here and now with architectural wisdom in response to nature, so that the life of new buildings into the place, symbiosis with it.

2/ Seamless integration of the natural environment

Canvas Cabin Tents is undoubtedly located in a picturesque location surrounded by nature. Large floor-to-ceiling Windows and an outdoor terrace provide spectacular views of the outdoors, as if nature were your own backyard. This seamless integration allows users to feel closer to nature: awakened by birdsong in the morning and illuminated by the stars at night.

After the parametric structure calculation of the tent roof, the large-span overhang is realized, and the color and texture of the tent curtain are accurately controlled through experimental simulation and on-site proofing, so as to pursue decorative and natural effect performance and stable physical properties.

Due to the abundant lighting resources in the field, in addition to the necessary functional areas such as the bathroom and living room required by the building, the space under the tent roof is released from the closure as much as possible, forming a complete air convection and landscape introduction, making the internal and external environment free penetration and breathing.

Ecology and landscape design

Ecology and landscape design, which combines the natural environment with human activities to create harmonious, sustainable places, is a visionary field. Ecology and landscape design play a vital role in Canvas Cabin Tents, a unique accommodation experience.

1/ Connection and integration

In the post-pandemic era, glamping camps have become a destination for many digital nomads and travellers. As a daily resting place, campsite is not only a viewing platform and rest station, but also a platform to escape from urban life. The tent camp hopes to be open to all people with a common tolerance, and its structure itself is hidden and silent, but it has the energy to reach the human heart, and it is bent over the nature in an extremely extended organic form, becoming the link between people and nature.

Ecology and landscape design are closely related, both aiming to integrate human activities with the natural environment. At Canvas Cabin Tents, ecodesign considers how to minimize disturbance to the surrounding ecosystem. Through careful planning of outdoor Spaces, landscape design creates a pleasant environment that allows people to relax in nature and integrate with the surrounding ecosystem.

2/ Pleasant experience and ecological balance

The role of landscape design in Canvas Cabin Tents is not limited to creating a beautiful environment, but also to providing a pleasant experience. Carefully planned outdoor rest areas, hiking trails and nature trails allow people to explore the great outdoors and experience the wonders of nature.

At the same time, the landscape design should ensure that these activities do not cause damage to the local ecological balance. This means adopting sustainable landscape design principles, including vegetation conservation, waste management and water use, to ensure that the beauty and diversity of nature is preserved while providing guests with a pleasant environment.

Corresponding to the natural formal language is the open freedom of behavior and content, not only to meet the needs of different groups and different tenses. The flow in and out of the tent and the pedestrian, the tension changes inside and outside the space, and the scale of the raised roof, all gradually establish the change of perception and experience with the fluctuation of the “terrain”, or quiet or open.

Ecology and landscape design are interwoven to create a space in harmony with nature – Canvas Cabin Tents, which also evokes people’s awareness of respect and protection of the natural environment.

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Eco-friendliness of Canvas Cabin Tents

Low environmental impact

Compared to traditional concrete or steel buildings, Canvas Cabin Tents is both a functional accommodation room and an observation deck with views of nature. Its construction is much less damaging to land and vegetation. Tent platforms are set up on the ground without the need for large-scale infrastructure. The building is completely integrated into the environment, forming a “micro-terrain”. After the tents are built, the original state of the land can be quickly restored, reducing the disturbance of the ecosystem.

The integration of architecture and climate ecology, natural environment and public activities is the original intention of the tent design, and the landscape treatment maximizes the mutual symbiosis between artificial and nature in form, experience and construction, giving this modern tent a natural state grown from the earth, providing shelter for all people passing through.

The importance of using environmentally friendly materials

The use of environmentally friendly materials is essential to the sustainability of Canvas Cabin Tents. This not only helps to reduce the demand on limited resources, but also reduces the burden on the environment. Based on the ecological concept, the modern high-end design of the tent first abandoned the isolated house form of architecture, and instead sought the possibility of closer to the land and closer to the environment. At the same time, the use of environmentally friendly materials also provides guests with a stay closer to nature, allowing them to immerse themselves in nature more deeply.

In the face of the original natural environment, the design intends to minimally intervene in the way of landscape architecture, respond to the relationship between architecture and land with “anchoring and suspension”, and dialogue the environment; “Low technology and low carbon” to respond to the relationship between local and contemporary construction, innovative experience; “Open and inclusive” responds to the relationship between tent architecture and people, and builds a daily activity platform.

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Canvas Cabin Tents not only offers the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature, but also encourages guests to actively participate in outdoor activities. Whether it’s hiking, bird watching, fishing or kayaking, you can enjoy yourself in nature. This interactive experience gives people a deeper understanding and appreciation of the wonders of the natural world, while also promoting physical and mental health.

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