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Why not Choose Our Tent Campsites for Education & Fun?

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Question: Why Education on Camping Site?

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Let’s have a tour to the campsite, inspecting what it contains and what brings it to a success.

The American Camp Association is defined as a sustained experience in the form of team life outdoors in a creative, entertaining and educational sense that helps each camper achieve physical fitness through leadership training and the influence of the natural environment , Psychological, social skills and spiritual aspects of growth. Simply put, camp education is an experiential education.

Compared with school education and family education, camp education, a social education model, plays an important role in promoting students’ innovation ability, social responsibility, popularization of science and technology, literary and sports training, labor skill training and habit of the true development.

It is understood that camp education in foreign countries for more than 150 years of development practice confirmed that camp activities to help young people build self-confidence, fostering independent character and leadership, improve social skills and other aspects of significant impact. In some countries and regions, camp education and even into the primary and secondary school credit system, each student must have 5 days per semester camp life credits.

Phenomenon: Children Growing Up by Camping-Site Education

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Regardless of the type of camp, their common features are experiential learning, through creative camp activities, so that children “play with purpose” and “depth of their own exploration.” In recent years, there are many institutions began to launch camp education products.

Currently on the market these products generally have two directions, one is to enhance the skills category, the other is biased towards the growth of the mind. The former is relatively easy to design ideas, the more popular is the sports category of projects, such as skiing, sailing, there are more popular military theme and technology projects; the latter design is more complex ideas, through different activities to enhance the multi- Aspects of quality, such as financial, creative thinking, etc., but tend to focus on one or two points.

Whether it is mental improvement or skills upgrading classes, camp education, there are two elements is necessary: First, to provide not the same as the usual growth environment and experience, students can harvest the original growth; Closed collective life, small partners to eat together, live together, solve the difficulties together. In the collective life to expose their true side.

Tips: How to Choose the Best Campgrounds

Relevant experts said that no matter what kind of camp education project, we must first look for camp education is the essence of education courses rather than tourism products. “The kind of simply consider the tourist routes, accommodation, attractions only tourism products, not education courses.”

Reporters learned that the parents need to carefully look at the project design part of the course, such as a few hours a day course, is able to The real experience and activities for children to gain, whether to achieve the established teaching objectives. At the same time, also need to pay attention to the following two points of this.

1. With the child’s personality characteristics to match: each child has its own characteristics, like what, what is missing, how the character, the child’s characteristics and themes to match.

2. Parents should learn to let go: Once selected camp education products, parents should learn to let go, not to interfere too much. In particular, the first time the child left home, will certainly feel lonely, afraid, parents should not be too worried, anxiety. Some parents want to take pictures at any time, micro-communication, but to ignore the significance of this activity is not conducive to exercise the child’s independent ability.

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