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Basic knowledge of Glamping

Discover the Essence of Camping vs Glamping: Adventure and Luxury Combined

glamping tent in the forest

Glamping, or 'glamorous camping', is a luxurious take on traditional camping, blending the adventure of the outdoors with the comforts of upscale accommodations. This trendy travel experience offers the allure of nature without sacrificing modern amenities. Glamping sites range from lavish tents with plush bedding to eco-pods and treehouses, equipped with facilities akin to high-end hotels, including en-suite bathrooms, climate control, and often Wi-Fi. Ideal for those seeking a unique vacation, glamping caters to various preferences, from eco-conscious travelers to those desiring a stylish, comfortable outdoor retreat. It's a fusion of wilderness and comfort, providing a memorable, chic outdoor experience.

Part 1 -- WHAT

What Is The Difference Between Camping And Glamping?

  • What Is Camping Mean
  • What Is Glamping Mean
  • The Differences Between Camping and Glamping

The Products For Glamping

  • Platform Tent
  • RV(Recreational Vehicle)
  • Log Cabins——Tiny House Glamping

What Does Glamping Mean?

  • Is Glamping a Luxury?
  • Is Glamping a New Trend?
  • Is Glamping a Way To Embrace Nature?

What Is The Difference Between Camping And Glamping?

About Camping

1. Definition Of Camping

Camping is an outdoor activity with a long history. Early camping was the daily routine of travelers and explorers, who lived and survived in the sparsely populated wilderness with their tents and necessary supplies. The conditions were harsh, the supplies were rudimentary, and they often had to find extra food and water on their own, as well as being alert to possible dangers around them, which tested one's adaptability to survival!

Today, camping has evolved into a popular form of recreation, often combined with outdoor hiking, fishing, boating and other activities. Camping facilities are well established and there are countless campgrounds such as National Geographic parks that offer structured infrastructure, some even have public restrooms. The form of camping has also evolved with people's changing needs, from traditional wilderness survival camping, to the recent rise of RV camping, luxury camping, ultralight backpacking camping, etc., a wide variety of types of camping, suitable for a wider range of people is also therefore more and more extensive.

2.Essential Preparation Before Camping

(1) There are a lot of preparations you need to make before you start camping, and the first thing you need to do is to look for a suitable campground:

  • You need to look for matching places according to the type of camping you choose, for example if you are going to do RV camping, then you need to consider places to park your RV
  • If you go to a campground that requires a reserved site such as a camping park, you need to find out in advance about information such as passes, site fees, related facilities and regulations, such as whether there is drinking water, whether there are showers or public restrooms and so on
  • Pay attention to the terrain for potential hazards, such as the risk of mud pouring down the side of a mountain with exposed soil and rocks if it rains.
  • Fully understand and assess the physical health of those traveling with you, and live within your means. If there are old people, children, sick people, pay attention to follow the doctor's advice, or try to choose suitable for viewing the scenery, walking and other more soothing activities.
glamping tent resort

(2) Choose a good address, it is time to prepare supplies according to a long list, the basic necessities are the following: tents, sleeping bags, water cups & filters, rain gear, suitable for the weather clothes, backpacks, fire starters, pocket knives or multi-purpose knives, cutlery & cooking utensils, lighting tools (flashlights, lanterns or headlamps), first aid kits, navigation supplies.

In addition, the above mentioned are only the most basic supplies, you also need to decide whether you need to buy other supplies and the quantity of each depending on the number of people, traveling season, location, the duration of the trip, and and whether to bring the elderly, children, and pets.

(3) More over, you have to practice pitching the tent in advance, plan the food you need for camping, check whether the supplies can be used properly,and whether you have all the supplies before you leave, etc.

3.Different Types Of Camping

Wilderness survival camping demands minimal essentials, relying on campers' experience to procure supplies. It tests physical prowess, survival skills, and self-reliance in remote areas, fostering resilience amid isolation and environmental challenges.

event dome under the stars

Definition of Glamping

Luxury Meets the Outdoors

As we said at the beginning: Glamping is short for glamorous camping, which is essentially luxury glamorous camping. As opposed to the humble and cramped traditional tents, luxury campers live in luxurious accommodations like yurts, domes, safari tents, and RVs, with amenities that would be considered luxuries in the wilderness.

The term Glamping appeared in 2007, but the concept dates back as far as the early 1900s. Wealthy American and European travelers on safari in Africa demanded luxury accommodations, wanting to experience the joys of outdoor adventure but not sacrificing the comforts of home. This resulted in the creation of well-equipped safari tents that included luxuries such as generators, folding bathtubs and champagne crates.

Today, the field of glamping is well established. Everything you need to live in a wilderness trip, glamping campgrounds are equipped with the appropriate facilities according to the highest quality of life standards, with en-suite bathrooms, comfortable queen-size beds, bright lights, clean and tidy luxury interiors ...... No need to do it yourself. Some places will also be equipped with wild barbecue, campfire and other projects, so that you can experience the tent of the primitive, the fun of wild life, but also do not have to suffer from a series of trivialities such as setting up a tent and solving the problems of life.

It combines the wild beauty of nature with luxury living, allowing us to briefly escape from the messy city life and find a moment of peace and comfort in different landscapes.

The Amenities and Accommodations in Glamping

glamping dome tents in cold winter

Glamping shelters are well-protected and have a comfortable internal environment. Most luxury tents have a strong structure and durable materials, and generally have a long service life, some as long as 15 years. The outer materials they use usually have thermal insulation features, such as double-layer laminated glass, canvas with aluminum foil insulation, and so on. Their interiors are also equipped with air-conditioning and humidity control systems, so that no matter in the cold winter snowy mountains, or in the hot dry desert, the interior of the tent is kept at a pleasant temperature.

As a modern person, the most indispensable thing in terms of living is electricity and running water, and Glamping's core purpose is enjoyment and relaxation, and it equips us with all the things that we can't do without in our daily lives: highly equipped lighting systems, charging plugs, private bathrooms with flushing toilets, hot water showers or bathtubs, sinks, and other luxurious facilities, so travelers don't need to worry about finding water sources, washing and filtering water. There is no need for travelers to worry about finding a water source for washing and filtering water. In addition to the infrastructure mentioned above, luxury camping accommodations also have soft and comfortable beds, sofas, coffee makers, and some even have campfires, kitchens and open-air barbecues, etc., which consider every need of the travelers, so that they can experience the depth of the outdoor life, but also to get a high-quality hotel-level living experience.

event dome under the stars

Multiple Location Options for Glamping Resorts

Due to the long life and durability of glamping tents and their modular design, which makes them easy and efficient to install compared to traditional structures, there are already many glamping programs operating in many places: from zoos and ecological gardens to the mountains and the seaside.

The choice is yours. If you want to experience glamping, you can choose to feel the romance of the starry sky under the vast wilderness night sky, or go to the redwood forest to get close to the sunlight that has taken shape under the Tyndall effect, or enjoy the misty poetic atmosphere of the mountains like an ink painting.

Seaside Glamping

Summer and beach vacations go hand in hand. Staying in a unique and cozy building by the sea retains the comfort and peace of mind of a hotel stay, but also allows you to get a unique experience not found in ordinary hotels: picking up shells and conchs like treasure hunters at the edge of the waves, and sipping a mouthful of sweet coconut milk on the beach when you're thirsty; you can watch the magnificent view of the first sunrise over the sea without having to get up early to rush, and easily capture the natural beauty of the landscape; and you can enjoy a relaxing day with your family and friends in the open air on the beach with the sea breeze blowing. You can also have a barbecue with your family and friends in the open air on the beach with the sea breeze blowing, and enjoy a garden party under the starry sky at night. ...... Being in such an open place, feeling the sea breeze, blue sky and white clouds, all the troubles encountered in life will be swept away, and the mood will naturally follow the bright up.

Mountain View Glamping

The mountains are also a good glamping campground, especially in the hot summer, the cool mountain breeze can soothe the dry heat; full of green can also make the soul become peaceful. You can fully experience the natural fun and quiet cozy mountain life: surrounded by mountains, quietly listening to the canopy of the crisp moon birdsong; in the thumping sound of running water to bow a cup of clear spring water; in the mountain trails to pounce on a fluttering butterfly ...... When you are tired of touring, you don't need to walk a long way down the mountain, and you can rest undisturbed back in your tent, dome or hut. If you don't want to go out, the huge glass windows inside the building allow you to enjoy the mountain and water views without leaving your home, and if there is a skylight, you will be accompanied by the sun during the day and the stars at night.

Likewise, you don't need to worry about the trivialities of life, just indulge in the charm of the mountains and water, and feel the spiritual power of nature!

Forest Glamping

Wonder if you have ever had certain moments when you just wanted to cut out the distractions, isolate yourself from the rest of the world, and live for a few days in a no-man's-land without a care in the world. In fact, a glamping accommodation in the middle of the forest can help you realize this desire. The waves of the forest rubbed by the leaves in the wind have a majestic quality that is invigorating. The surrounding woods form a natural oxygen bar, allowing you to breathe the freshest negative ionized air. You can absorb the essence of grass and trees while concentrating on meditation and yoga, finding yourself in a state of complete concentration and clearing away your worries in close contact with nature.

Many glamping campgrounds in the forest have fun facilities such as hammocks on outdoor platforms, and they are not equipped with internet, using traditional energy or solar energy instead of electricity. Under the premise of retaining comfort and fun, tourists can really realize the return of pure and quiet natural life, away from the interference of technology and electronics. If you have had enough of restlessness, you may want to come to a place like this, abandon the chaos of the world, follow the signal from the distant horizon, sunrise, sunrise and rest, in the green nature to find peace of mind.

Lakeside Glamping

The lakeside is also clearly a mecca for getting away from it all. Sitting on the lakeside flat reef, fishing in the sound of birds chirping, rather like in a paradise of leisure. Or do nothing but walk slowly in the lagoon breeze, or even feel the romantic rain walk is no problem. You don't have to drive all the way from the city to the countryside without the excitement of the road, and you don't have to worry about getting sick in the rain because you can go right back to your tent and take a hot shower. Here, you can release all your poetry and whims, and repair your weary soul in a short period of carefree time.

The Differences Between Camping and Glamping

Comparing Real-World Experiences

Glamping is undoubtedly a lot more comfortable way of living. When we go camping normally, we're stuck in a little sleeping bag on hard ground and there's a chance that water will seep into the tent. It's difficult enough to get your clothes, blankets, and other belongings soaked from the damp mist in the forest, even in the absence of rain. Not to mention the necessity of gathering and storing every supply you bring with you. Finding water, a place to wash up, or a public restroom is also challenging.


When you choose glamping, you don't have to worry about these things. Private toilets and bathrooms provide privacy, and with plenty of electricity to keep the lights on, travelers don't have to worry about their privacy or safety at night. There is also air conditioning and good ventilation to keep the temperature and humidity of the air comfortable and pleasant, regardless of whether the weather outside is favorable or not, in winter or summer, it does not affect the livability of the interior.

In addition, the spacious and sturdy tents are not only able to cope with heavy rain, wind and snow, but also to stay in the comfort of the tent in such weather. Imagine the snow and wind whistling against the glass windows, while you are nestled in the soft and warm sofa looking at the surrounding scenery in the center of the storm, how cozy and secure it is!

In addition, many glamping campgrounds also provide special services, allowing visitors to effortlessly experience campfire, outdoor barbecue, hot springs spa and other outdoor characteristics, but also leisure and relaxation activities.

Cost Analysis

Budgeting for Camping vs Glamping

camping canopy

Camping Cost

Camping costs include transportation, supplies, and campsite rental, varying based on the group, camping type, and location. Initial gear purchase, while costly, becomes cost-effective with regular use. A 10-day family camping trip can cost under $1,000, but maintaining gear demands effort. Renting is an option, but it's less economical than buying for multiple trips. For a family of four, a 5-9 day rental from SportsBasement costs $335+ (excluding clothing and food). Considerations like travel, repairs, and patience in managing supplies impact the overall camping experience.

Glamping Cost

If you choose Glamping, all you need to do is book your accommodation, bring a change of clothes and towels and go, so the budget only includes the cost of booking and the cost of traveling. The price of a booked glamping place to stay is affected by a variety of factors such as location, facilities, service level and seasonal changes, ranging from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars per person per night. From airbnb, the intermediary platform with high visibility and the widest coverage, if a family of four travels for 5 days, you can pick a nice luxury campsite for $600+ to $1500+. Of course, this is just a reference, and you will need to find an option that corresponds to the price point depending on exactly where you want to go (forest, mountain view, or lake), and what amenities you need (internet, kitchen). Once you have set your filters for region, number of people, length of stay, amenities, etc. on airbnb, the platform will suggest the right search results and display the total price before tax, so you can figure out the budget you need. Of course, you can also browse through the approximate price, according to their own expectations, in the acceptable price range to filter the listings.

Glamping Canopy
glamping canopy

Different Objectives -- Camping for Thrill vs Glamping for Break

Camping offers a mix of excitement and challenges, from discovering natural wonders to encountering potential dangers like poisonous mushrooms or snakes. Navigating unexpected situations, such as fog or swarms of bees, demands quick thinking. If you seek the thrill of uncertainty, possess the love for adventure, and can patiently handle preparations, camping is an ideal choice.

Many campers opt for developed scenic spots or commercial campgrounds, emphasizing family education, nature appreciation, and safety while learning survival skills. In contrast, a few adventurous individuals venture into the wilderness for activities like rock climbing, using smaller, portable tents for flexibility in exploration combined with hiking and backpacking. Whether for educational purposes or adrenaline-fueled adventures, camping caters to diverse preferences.

The Cultural Shift -- More People Choose Glamping

Glamping tent resort

People's mental stress has been increasing in recent years, and the distress brought about by social media and the explosion of online information has left many people in anxiety and distress. From the popular 7-day dopamine withdrawal challenge some time ago, it can be seen that people have already been drained of a lot of energy to deal with relationships, repetitive chores, etc., in their daily work life, and they desperately need a period of undisturbed time to return to restore their mental energy, return to themselves, and heal their heart. There is also the gloom brought about by the epidemic, which has caused many people to make timely happiness their life credo. Coupled with the economic downturn, people are less willing to spend money on things of little practical value (such as luxury goods) and are more willing to go for experiential spending and spend their money on pleasing themselves. Like Glamping which can give them a fresh feeling and allow them to enjoy the trip without spending a bit of energy, are undoubtedly highly favored.

The Products For Glamping

White premium geodesic dome tent

Platform Tent

Glamping shelters described below are usually equipped with a wooden platform, which is mainly to solve the problem of stagnant water, mud and sand into the tent, snake and rodent invasion, so that the tent stays dry and free of mold, do not have to be cleaned up and cleaned from time to time, and away from the grass to prevent rodents such as rats and mice from chewing on the tent, as well as preventing snakes and bugs from ambushing in the grass and waiting for people to pass by and take a bite.

Glamping Tent——House Tent

(Tents That Look Like Houses)

Floor Space Diameter Height People standing Seated at table
Installation convenience ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★★
Durability ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★ ★★★★
Security ★★★★ ★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★
Privacy ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★
Wind load resistance ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★★★★

Glamping House

(Tents That Act As Houses)

Floor Space Diameter Height People standing Seated at table
Installation convenience ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★★
Durability ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★ ★★★★
Security ★★★★ ★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★
Privacy ★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★
Wind load resistance ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★★★★

Glamping House

(Tents That Act As Houses)

What Does Glamping Mean?

glamping tent

Is Glamping a Luxury?

1.Luxury Amenities Creates High Quality Accommodation

Luxury is defined internationally as "a kind of consumer goods beyond the scope of people's survival and development needs, with unique, scarce, rare and other characteristics", also known as non-necessities of life. Although it is not a necessity, it can bring people pleasurable enjoyment, expensive but not easy to get experience and memories.

In the wilderness, which is close to the primitive and natural, all products with deep artificial traces (such as big beds, independent bathrooms, kitchens) can be said to be luxury. Originally, if we were in the wilderness, it was extremely difficult to obtain these non-survival necessities. Nowadays, glamping allows people to live in the wilderness recreationally and enjoy nature at a much smaller cost, without departing from an artificially sculpted and refined life. For most people, what they need is a relaxing and enjoyable trip, not the trials of nature, the challenges of survival, and the torture that comes with a lack of supplies. If we still need to worry about weather obstacles, potential dangers, and the trivialities of food, clothing, shelter and transportation, how can we feel the pure joy during the journey?

Obviously, the concept of glamping itself is a perfect fit for the enjoyment and luxury that people need. It allows tired people to get pure rest and see their inner selves; it allows travelers who pursue pleasure to get real comfort and discover beautiful things during the journey; and it allows people who want to get free to release themselves and discover the world without worrying about the vastness of the world.

2.A Tasteful Living Experience Away From The Hustle And Bustle

Outdoor is primitive and wild enough, but indoor is cozy and pleasant, such a sense of contrast is a great source of spiritual luxury and inner richness, and also the quality of life that cannot be obtained in the city.

Nowadays, the equipment and facilities of glamping are gradually refined, from basic furniture to coffee machines, wine, flowers and projections. Different travelers will also choose different campsites, accommodation room styles, and a variety of exquisite living facilities, which also highlights the unique taste of each traveler.

At the same time, for the present impetuous, can spend a period of time pure precipitation itself is also a kind of luxury. It's not easy to press pause on a two-times-speed life and allow yourself time to stop. Isn't it the embodiment of luxury living to be able to find the hard-won free time in your busy daily routine, to live an ideal poetic life, and to find yourself full of vitality, energy and creativity?

Is Glamping a New Trend?

1.Accessibility For Non-Campers

Glamping is not too difficult and doesn't require us to suffer too much, so even vulnerable people such as the elderly and children can enjoy it without any stress. Obviously, it is more suitable for the fast-paced life of the 21st century than camping. Although we are tired of this world full of hustle and bustle and extremely fast changes, most of us have gotten used to the convenience and comfort that is usually at our fingertips. Without clean bathrooms and hot showers, comfortable queen-sized beds, and bright lights, they would probably rather lay around the house than go out into the wilderness in search of something new!

Some people may question: to return to nature in the outdoors, we should abandon as much as possible the complexity of artificially created items, and restore the most primitive way of life. glamping retains too much of the traces of modern life, and only camping has the true qualities of the outdoor life. But in fact, glamping can strengthen the harmonious connection between human and nature. It has a very low threshold and respects everyone's right to embrace nature, rather than requiring them to part with things they can't leave temporarily (such as electronics, a big comfortable bed, etc.) as a condition for returning to nature. Compared to the limitations of camping, glamping has a wider universality and can take care of everyone's different acceptance range and needs. It provides more diversified outdoor camping options, allowing people to get out of the urban cage with greater motivation, and also allowing people without professional wilderness survival knowledge and skills to enjoy the nature's artistry up close.

2.Unique Experiences And Exclusivity

In fact, people always want to be close to nature. It is the ideal life of countless people to pursue freedom in nature in a close and primitive environment, free from socialization, firewood, rice, oil and salt. For this reason, Glamping brings us a healing experience that is hard to obtain in daily life, ordinary entertainment, and regular traveling.

Through glamping, people can spend precious time alone or create memories with family and friends in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. It may not be a long trip, but just a few moments that touch the heart enough are enough to heal the rest of a long life. In the future, when we are in the midst of heavy workload and boring life, we can recall the quiet listening to crickets chirping under the cozy lamp, the all-night conversation with friends under the starry sky on a summer night, and the joy of watching the sunrise with family members, and I believe that we can regain the motivation to move forward and face life with a more positive attitude!

glamping dome tent resort

3.Its Rising Popularity In Recent Years

In recent years, the population that understands and favors glamping is expanding year by year, which is mainly reflected in the following points:

1.In the post-epidemic era, people's consumption preference has greatly changed, and they are more inclined to the on-site personal experience activities, and they are more inclined to spend money on the goods or services that can obtain real and spiritual gain effects.

2.Participants can gain a sense of ritual and emotional resonance during the camping process.

3.Glamping allows participants to find a highly homogeneous social circle on social media and gain a sense of identity and spiritual fulfillment.

4.Social media burnout awakens people's real social needs, but at the same time, it is also because of the spread of social media that more and more people are beginning to understand this new way of traveling.

glamping tent in the forest

Is Glamping a Way To Embrace Nature?

1.A Sustainability Practice

Glamping tents use recyclable and reusable materials, and the energy used in glamping is usually renewable energy such as solar energy and recycled water resources, which is fully in line with the concept of sustainable development and environmental protection. They are also long-lasting and durable; compared to traditional tents, they reduce the generation of construction waste and the pressure of recycling.

They are usually assembled in a modular way, without the need for staking, and with minimal ground breakage; this also allows them to be easily moved and disassembled to meet a wide range of needs, especially in the aspect of acting as a temporary building. There is no need to waste labor to build and dismantle them, and they can be packed up and stored for the next time they are used. Overall, glamping is a sustainable and environmentally friendly activity!

2.The Balance Between Comfort And Environmental Immersion

Glamping perfectly balances immersion in nature and comfortable living without disturbing the natural environment and ecological harmony. Through glamping, people can touch every blade of grass and every tree in the forest with a completely relaxed posture, and feel immersed in

Everywhere in the nature, one is able to touch every blade of grass and every tree in the forest with complete relaxation. Obviously, it is a new way of traveling back to nature and a way for people to embrace nature.

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