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Luxury Tent
Authentic wilderness experience meets unparalleled luxury and durability.
Customization sits at the heart of our ethos, emphasized to underscore its paramount importance. Delve into bespoke luxury, ensuring your Glitzcamp story is as singular as your vision.
Elevate your outdoor experiences without fiscal reservations. We ensure a harmonious balance between grandeur and cost-effectiveness.

A40 Luxury Tent

A40 covers 40m², approximately 430.5ft². A40 adopts a retro design aesthetic and traditional layout to make wilderness living more authentic. It houses a luxurious king-size bed and a series of soft furnishings, with an optional modular bathroom cabinet. It boasts Glitzcamp's aluminum alloy frame resistant to level 10 typhoons and a double-layer cover for enhanced waterproofing and insulation. Its classic structure and design can adapt to various outdoor settings, offering the best value among Glamping tents.

  • Modern Exterior Design:
    At first glance, the A40 wears a modern appearance, effortlessly bridging the past with the present. It isn't just another tent; it's a statement piece, designed to enhance every environment it graces.
  • Glitzy Interior Decor:
    Slide the zipper open, and you're welcomed by an aura of glitz. Soft furnishings paired with a luxurious king-size bed — it's the kind of opulence you wouldn't expect miles away from civilization, but here it is.
  • Semipermanent Framework:
    Gone are the days when camping was synonymous with the temporary. The A40's semipermanent structure guarantees longevity, assuring you that this tent is here for the long haul.
  • Advanced Material Selection:
    The advanced materials in the A40 are chosen not just for their durability but also for their eco-friendly properties. Glitzcamp understands the responsibility of being kind to Mother Nature.
  • Excellent Weather Resistance:
    Whether it's the fierce sun, torrential rain, or a level 10 typhoon, the A40 stands resolute. Thanks to its excellent weather resistance, you can savor nature in all its moods, from the comfort of your luxurious abode.
  1. External Size: 8.0*5.0*4.4m
    External Area: 40.0m²
    Indoor Size: 5.2*4.8*4.1m
    Indoor Area: 25.0m²

  2. Framework : 6063-T6 aluminum alloy with wooden pattern

  3. Connector : black Q235B steel

  4. Flaysheet: waterproof PVC-750g-B1; double-sided matte cloth

  5. Inner Tent : polyester canvas; fire retardant; mildew-resistant; water-repellent-370g-B2

  6. Window : polyester canvas; fire retardant; mildew-resistant; water-repellent-370g-B2; mosquito net; zipper; metal accessories; transparent film

  7. Wind load : Force 8 Wind

  8. Unit Packed Weight : 450.0kg

Extreme Glamping Tent

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The A40 by Glitzcamp: A Confluence of Luxury and Authenticity in Glamping

Ever thought about marrying the raw beauty of the wilderness with the luxury of a 5-star suite? That's precisely what Glitzcamp's A40 promises. 

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Outstanding of A40

Spacious Dimensions
Spacious Dimensions

With 40m² (roughly 430.5ft²) at your disposal, there's room for everything - from a lively dance to a serene meditation session. Space isn't just physical; it's the freedom to express, experience, and expand.

Convenient Installation
Convenient Installation

Nearly a billion tiny fibers are blown into the pillow, creating an adaptive surface that supports you throughout the night — no matter your sleeping position.

The Pinnacle of Luxurious Camping
The Pinnacle of Luxurious Camping

From its materials to its design, every aspect of the A40 screams luxury. But it isn't luxury for luxury's sake. It's about enhancing your outdoor experience, making every moment memorable.

A40 Luxury Tent floor plan

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Let's take a look the detailed structure

Glitzcamp adopts a modular structure that allows for swift assembly from shipment to installation, ensuring both sturdiness and safety throughout the process.

glamping accessories
glamping accessories

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