Experience high-end glamping in an intimate, spacious dome, where dreams meet nature.
The geodesic dome has been showcased in world fairs and has been a symbol of architectural innovation for decades.
A sphere encloses the greatest volume with the least surface area, making domes efficient in terms of materials and energy.

7m Glamping Dome Tents

The 7m dome suite provides an ultimate refuge, an intimate haven gestated of dreams for high-end glamping.

Its optimal inner space transforms the familiar into the fantastical, a cozy retreat enabling escape beyond four walls into surroundings unveiled.

  • The Dreamer’s Nook: Imagine a place where the lines between luxury and the wild blur. That’s our 7m dome suite, not just a shelter, but a realm where fantasies come alive.

    The Magic Inside: Step in, and you’re not just entering a space; you’re diving into a story. It’s vast yet intimate, like a secret world hidden in plain sight.

    The Landscape: 38m² of pure adventure, where every corner has its own tale.

    The Proportions: With a span of 7m and a rise of 3.5m, it’s like a grand castle in a compact form.

    The Characters: Crafted for duos in love or a quartet of adventurers, it’s a stage set for 2-4 protagonists.

    Epilogue: Beyond the Stay: It’s not about nights spent; it’s about stories spun. In our Dome Suite, every moment is a page in a memorable saga.

Floor space:38m² / 410sq ft
Diameter:7m / 23ft
Height:4m / 11ft
Room occupancy:2 – 4

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Discover elegance in sustainability with our cutting-edge geodesic dome

Structural strength meets eco-elegance in our dome.

Domes have been used for various specialized purposes, including auditoriums, weather observatories, and storage facilities.

Outstanding of Glamping Dome


Structural Integrity

The triangular elements of the dome are structurally rigid and distribute the structural stress throughout the structure, making geodesic domes able to withstand very heavy loads for their size.

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It’s designed for large gatherings, easily accommodating a significant number.

Absolutely! From blazing sun to Category 10 typhoons, it stands undeterred.

Yes, the L1 offers both soft and hard furnishings, allowing for customization.

Ingeniously designed ventilation holes ensure a continuous flow of fresh air.

From resorts to hotel zones, the L1 Series seamlessly blends into any luxurious setting.

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