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Public Space Dome
Distinctively designed for all events, and engineered to cater to a myriad of occasions, Glitzcamp's event domes stand out due to their utility.
Seeking flexibility in event planning? Our domes, with their innovative modular design, offer unparalleled adaptability. Customize your event space and curate unforgettable experiences, ensuring your venue truly mirrors your vision.
Unpredictable weather is no match for our event domes. Specifically engineered to face nature’s challenges, our structures guarantee stability. Whether rain, shine, or a gusty breeze, trust our domes to safeguard your grand affairs.

20m Public Space Dome

Introducing the extraordinary 20m Event Dome, where boundless possibilities take center stage.From grand celebrations to immersive exhibitions, this dome comfortably accommodates 500 people standing or 190 seated at tables, offering an unparalleled setting for your extraordinary event.

  • An Epic Space Awaits:
    Step into the realm of the 20m Event Dome, where possibilities are as vast as the sky.
  • Boundless Elegance:  
    With a generous 314m² (3380 sq ft) of space, it’s a world where dreams come to life.
  • Architectural Marvel: 
    Boasting a remarkable diameter of 20m and a height that touches 10m, it’s a structure that leaves a lasting impression.
  • Versatile and Inviting:
    Whether it’s for standing gatherings or seated events, this dome adapts to your vision.
  • Where Events Become Legends: 
    The 20m Event Dome isn’t just a venue; it’s an ode to extraordinary moments.
Measurements & Dimensions

Floor space: 314.0m² / 3380.0sq ft
Diameter: 20.0m / 65.0ft
Height: 10.0m / 33.0ft
People standing: 500.0
Seated at table: 190.0

Extreme Glamping Tent

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Discover Elegance In Sustainability With Our Cutting-Edge Geodesic Dome

Structural strength meets eco-elegance in our dome.

Domes have been used for various specialized purposes, including auditoriums, weather observatories, and storage facilities.

Several domes for events

Outstanding of Glamping event Dome

Dynamic Venue Flexibility
Dynamic Venue Flexibility

Redefine versatility with our state-of-the-art event domes. Modular in design, they offer the unique ability to scale and adjust as per your event's demands, ensuring your venue evolves alongside your aspirations.

Luxury Meets Resilience
Luxury Meets Resilience

Embrace opulence while ensuring security. Our event domes are not just symbols of luxury: they're bastions of resilience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they stand firm shielding your extravagant gatherings from nature's unpredictabilities.

Versatile Dome Horizon
Versatile Dome Horizon

Move beyond traditional event spaces and step into the future with our domes. Boasting a desian that champions adaptability and strength, they promise an event experience that's as dynamic as it is secure.

Floor plan of the dome


Structural Excellence

The transparent domes feature a robust framework distributing stress efficiently, ensuring remarkable strength and stability for their size.

glamping accessories
glamping accessories

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